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‘Station 19’: 8 things we want from Season 7

Station 19
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‘Station 19′ brought the drama in its season 6 finale with Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and the rest of 19 trying to save the lives of those trapped under rubble when a dancefloor collapsed during the Firefighters’ Ball.

If you want to avoid all spoilers for the season 6 finale, stop reading this article now.

After finding out she was the new Captain of 19, much to the anger of Theo (Carlos Miranda) and Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe), Andy’s celebrations were cut short when the dancefloor at the Firefighters’ Ball gave way. Chief Ross (Merle Dandridge) and 19’s newest team member Kate (Kiele Sanchez) were rescued but Michael Dixon (Pat Healy) lost his life despite the best efforts of Travis (Jay Hayden) to save him.

As the episode drew to a close, Jack (Grey Damon) collapsed onto the floor after suffering another blow to the head. Will he make it to season 7?

Elsewhere in the episode Ben (Jason George) reluctantly collected his bravery award, Jack saw Theo and Kate kissing after Theo and Vic (Barrett Doss) had an explosive row, and Maya (Danielle Savre) and Carina (Stefania Spampinato) agreed to try IVF.

With the new season months away (and possibly longer than usual due to the ongoing Writers’ Strike), I’ve put together 8 things I want to see when the show returns…

Maya and Carina to properly pursue parenthood

Maya and Carina had a very emotionally difficult season dealing with Maya’s spiral, which resulted in them (temporarily separating). At the time, the married couple had been trying to have a baby using Jack’s sperm but that didn’t result in a pregnancy. Now that Maya and Carina are back together, I’d like to see season 7 follow their journey to realising their dream of becoming parents. They decided to try IVF in the season 6 finale so I’m hoping their storyline is a bit more hopeful and less emotionally fraught than what they had this past season.

Vic and Theo to split up… permanently

When Vic and Theo first got together, they were my favourite couple on the show. Now, I can barely stand seeing the two of them together. Since Theo was made interim Captain following Beckett’s (Josh Randall) temporary departure to rehab, his behaviour has grown increasingly worse. Several times over the course of season 6, Theo treated Vic like garbage for no good reason and now we know he’s cheated on her with Kate, I just can’t see them coming back from that. Vic deserves better and the writers need to rehabilitate Theo’s character.

Travis and Eli to explore a real relationship

Travis has been incredibly unlucky in love over the past 6 seasons hasn’t he? Following the death of his husband, he found short-lived happiness with Emmett Dixon (Lachlan Buchanan) but he was never as into their relationship as Emmett was. Season 6 saw him thrust into an unconvincing love triangle, which pit him against Andy after hiring campaign manager Eli (Rob Heaps) to help his bid for governor. Inevitably, Travis and Eli slept together but the two quickly fell out when Travis pulled out of the governor race. By the season’s end they rekindled their relationship so let’s spend some time actually exploring that in season 7.

Better writing for Jack

If there’s any character on ‘Station 19’ that has been underserved by the writers it’s Jack. Between the endless drama with his upbringing and forming relationships with his siblings, and being extracted from 19 for the early part of season 6, he’s really not had a good storyline for quite a while. Given that the character collapsed at the end of the season there’s a possibility he’ll die but I think that’s highly unlikely. After six seasons of Jack trying to get his life together, it’s time he grew up and the writers need to give him compelling storylines like they do with everyone else.

Sullivan and Ross to move past their relationship drama

We get it, Sullivan and Chief Ross have history and it could jeopardise their jobs etc etc but now everyone knows (and surely Chief Ross is sticking around?) just let them get on with it. The two characters were clearly made for each other, and a much better match than Sullivan and Andy ever were, so let them enjoy some happiness. Nearly losing Ross in the season 6 finale was a huge wake-up call for Sullivan, and while I’m not advocating another trip down the aisle for him, I would like him to have a spell of happiness for a change.

Beckett to return following his return to rehab

Hear me out. I didn’t like Beckett when he first joined the show and I may have even enjoyed his fall from grace a little too much BUT he’s grown on me. His scene with Vic in season 6 where she convinced him to go to rehab showed a side of the character we hadn’t seen before. Sure he’s made mistakes but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Andy to get a realistic love interest

Andy and Eli, really? Was anyone really buying that? I certainly wasn’t. Following her short-lived and ill-advised marriage to Sullivan, Andy’s had zero luck on the dating front. Season 5 saw her almost raped and aside from the Eli nonsense, there wasn’t a hint of romance in the air for her. Now that Andy is Captain, it would be great to see her personal life flourish a little more.

Kate to leave

I’m just going to say it, Kate is the worst. I really hoped she’d die in the season 6 finale but sadly she didn’t. The character has caused plenty of friction since she arrived but she’s not really made much of an impression, at least not on me. Cocky, self-assured and supremely arrogant, Kate may be the worst character that’s been on the show (and we’ve suffered how many seasons of Dixon?) Given that Theo cheated on Vic with Kate, and Kate survived the dancefloor collapse, I’m guessing she’ll stick around but hopefully Vic will convince her to go.

‘Station 19’ seasons 1 – 6 are currently available to stream on Disney+.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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