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Kalypso Media Celebrates 15th Birthday With Some Great Savings At The Kalypso Store

Kalypso Media have published a fair few of my favourite games since I became a gamer and it’s great to see them celebrating their fifteenth year in business. There are absolutely loads of titles in the Kalypso catalogue including standout titles Tropico, M.U.D. TV, Imperium Romanum and Patrician IV as well as their latest release Spacebase Startopia.

Since their beginning in 2006, Kalypso Media have grown into a business that employs over 150 people across 5 different countries and continues to put out quality product time and time again making a name for themselves as a strategy and simulation specialist.

To celebrate this milestone, Kalypso are offering discounts of up to 80% on a wide variety of games at the Kalypso Store.

Port Royale 4
Credit: Gaming Minds / Kalypso Media

Dr. Anika Thun, International Marketing Director explains: “it’s not just the numbers and growth that make for success. At Kalypso, colleagues of different genders, orientations and ethnicities work together in the spirit of trust. Female empowerment and inclusion, with women and team members from different backgrounds in senior positions, have been a staple at Kalypso for 15 years and we continue to live and implement these tenets.”

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved alongside our employees. Despite many obstacles and setbacks, we have all worked together with enthusiasm and a willingness to build a very healthy company that has developed massively in terms of revenue, employee growth and company value, especially over the last 5 years,” adds founder and CEO Simon Hellwig.

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