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‘Mortal Shell’ Virtuous Cycle DLC Announced

Many games have tried to capture what makes a Soulslike game special and many have failed. Mortal Shell is one of the few titles that has hit the sweet spot incorporating all of the good bits from the Dark Souls games whilst adding just enough originality to make the game stand out on its own. If you want to know more check out our Mortal Shell review.

The Virtuous Cycle will be the first real piece of DLC for the game, there was the Rotten Autumn update for Halloween but that was more cosmetic than anything. There is a new trailer for The Virtuous Cycle and whilst it doesn’t give a whole lot away it is easy to speculate on a few things.

Watch the trailer below:


First, there will be at least one new weapon set that likely means at least one new character class. The weapon on display in the trailer looks to be a halberd that can be split into two katana swords and then be recombined back into the halberd. This is a great idea and worked really well in Bloodbourne where much of the combat focus is on this flexibility.

Other than this it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly what the new DLC will contain. Even the write up of the trailer on Youtube says all will become clear soon so we shall have to wait and see.

If you want to stay up to date with all things Mortal Shell pay the official Mortal Shell website a visit.

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