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‘Line of Duty’ series 6 finale: 11 questions we need answered

1. Why did Kate Fleming try to flee with Jo Davidson?

Line Of Duty - 6x04
Credit: BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill

After shooting Ryan Pilkinton (Gregory Piper) dead, Fleming (Vicky McClure) decided to flee the scene with Davidson (Kelly Macdonald). This seemed very out of character for Fleming, particulary as she had alerted Arnott (Martin Compston) about what was happening. Going on the run with Davidson was a huge gamble.

Was Fleming really concerned that they’d be framed? She knew that AC-12 was aware she was in danger. She was authorised to carry a firearm for protection.

Fleming obviously didn’t know that Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) had trackers installed to AC-12 vehicles. Fleming must have thought they would have an easier time avoiding the police when she ditched her service vehicle to take Arnott’s car.

Maybe there is more to the relationship between Fleming and Davidson than we know? Was Fleming just trying to get proof that Davidson wasn’t bent before they were taken in?

Something else that doesn’t sit right is how reluctant Fleming was to surrender to her colleagues. Davidson complied straight away but Fleming was still looking for a way out. Is she hiding something?

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