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‘Tropico’ Celebrates Its 20th Birthday In Style

The Tropico series of games, publisehd by Kalypso Meida, are some of my favourite city building / strategy games of all time. When I saw that the game was celebrating its 20th birthday I was both pleased and shocked at the same time. It’s great that the franchise has been able to keep entertained for so long but boy did the news make me feel old!

With six entries under its belt, the series has come a long way and in the symphony of Tropico’s history, publisher Kalypso Media has humbly claimed an instrumental part. Beginning with Tropico 3, the strategy publisher reanimated the series after many years of slumber and brought it a new magnificence, most recently with Tropico 6.

Watch the celebration video below:

To celebrate the jubilee, El Presidente has ordered new free content for Tropico 6, including a Piñata Llama hunt, new in-game decorations, fireworks and of course, a sparkly golden palace for the player’s El Presidente or La Presidenta to call home. The celebrations are two-fold, as the publisher celebrates its own 15-year anniversary later this year. Kalypso Media was started in April 2006 with two employees. The company now employs 150 people in four countries.

The Tropico 6 in-game festivities are already live and will be available until 5th May on Steam, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series-X/S.

Of course, a celebration of this magnitude requires more than just free content, so Kalypso Media and El Presidente have also let loose a series of sales across the Kalypso Store, Steam, the Epic Game Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Xbox ‘Deals with Gold’ and Nintendo eShop.

Over the coming weeks, Kalypso Media will also continue the celebrations with the launch of Kalypso Blog 2.0, populated with all the best development tidbits from Tropico’s past and present, as well as special articles celebrating the publisher’s own 15-year anniversary.

If you’ve never played Tropico before be sure to check out our Tropico 6 review.

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