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The Walking Dead 9×06 Who Are You Now? preview

The fifth episode of The Walking Dead season 9 saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) fight to keep his friends safe in his final episode on the show.

If you’re not up to date with The Walking Dead and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

Things looked grim for our favourite Mr. Grimes at the end of last episode. Badly injured, impaled on a rebar, while hundreds of walkers approached. We weren’t sure Rick would survive. However, with the help of ghosts of his past, Rick summoned up the courage and energy to keep going.

Rick led the walker herd to the bridge in the hope it would collapse. His plan didn’t quite work as the bridge held. As his friends looked on in horror, Rick fired his gun to detonate a crate of dynamite and the bridge exploded. The herd was obliterated but Rick was nowhere to be found. His friends broke down in tears at the loss of their leader.

Elsewhere in the episode, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) made it to Alexandria to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). After seeing that he was a broken man she decided to let him live.

Nearby, Anne/Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) was waiting for her mysterious helicopter owning friends to come and pick her up. She didn’t have an offering of an A or B until she spotted Rick wash up on the riverbank. They took Rick away with them (apparently he’s a B) and gave him medical assistance.

At the end of the episode, a new group was seen fighting for their lives, surrounded by walkers. They were saved by a young girl who turned out to be Judith Grimes! Looks like we’ve had a six-year time jump.

The next episode is Who Are You Now? Six years after Rick’s disappearance, a group of strangers test Alexandria’s trust and patience.

Tune in to AMC on Sunday at 9/8c in the US and FOX on Monday at 9pm in the UK to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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