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Geordie Shore: Radgie Rampage episode 11 preview

Get a glimpse to find out what will unfold tonight.

MTV International

Geordie Shore continues tonight and EF has gotten its hands on both a short clip and some of tonight’s most iconic quotes. This should give you an idea of what to expect from tonight’s episode. Please keep reading if you don’t mind spoilers.

A fight breaks out at the house after a night out…

Zahida: (to camera) Tonight has been sh*t, I’m just gunna chill out, and I’m gunna get me some food
Marnie: (to camera) I’m trying to enjoy my food, and Zahida’s face is massively winding me up. She’s lied to all of us and it’s making me blood boil and I can’t ignore it anymore.
Marnie: (to Zahida) What I can’t understand is that you argued with me Zahida…you actually nearly had a full on fight with me, knowin, fine well that you were in the wrong.
Zahida: (to Marnie) I didn’t know fine well that I was in the wrong…
Marnie: That’s a lie!
Abbie: (to Zahida) I feel, f*ckin betrayed by you, cause me and you were gettin very close together. If you hadn’t…Listen!!
Zahida: No you don’t, this is why I don’t go to ya cause you f*ckin raise your voice-
Abbie: Listen!!
Zahida: Shut yer f*ckin mouth.
Abbie: (standing up and getting close to Zahida) I don’t like you!!
Zahida: (pushes Abbie) I don’t give a f*ck about you.
Abbie: (both fighting) Don’t f*ckin push me!
Zahida: Marnie you’ve cheated on all your lads with Aaron!
Marnie: So have you, you’ve cheated on your boyfriend!!
Marnie: (to camera) What. The. F*ck. How f*ckin dare she? I’ve seen red.
Zahida: (to camera) She’s chuckin plant pots, at the shag pad, I’m so glad I’m at the other side of the glass.


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Marty and Sarah get close and Chloe isn’t happy…

Marty: (to camera) I’m horny as f*ck me so I’ll tell ya what I’m gunna do, I’m gunna get on to my ex bird Sarah, and see what the crack is.
Chloe: (to camera) I look over and see Marty and Sarah, blatantly flirtin’, I shouldn’t be bothered but I f*ckin am.
Sarah: (to Marty) You know that I will always have a bit of a thing for ya. That’s what i’m gunna say.
Sarah: (to camera) Marty’s showin’ me quite a bit of attention tonight, and I have been through a bit of a dry spell recently, so maybe hookin’ up with my ex isn’t such a bad idea.
Marty: (to Sarah) Give us a cuddle.
Marty: (to camera) I’ve got a funny feelin that I’m in here with my ex bird Sarah, but somethings tellin us that I need to speak to Chloe first, but she can’t be mad at me for being honest. Can she?
Chloe: (to Marty) Tell us, what’s goin on?
Marty: I’ve started to fancy Sarah again…I wanna bang Sarah.
Chloe: Well do it then!
Chloe: (to camera) One minute Marty says he loves us, and the next he’s sayin’ he wants to f*ck his ex. Why the hell is he being in my emotions for?
Chloe: (to Marty) Go on then. If that’s what you wanna do, and you think that’s worth it…sh*ggin’ her…f*ck off!
Chloe: (to camera) Fair play to Abbie, she’s had a good time, but I’m still so angry with Marty for muggin us off and playing with my emotions, and I just can’t keep it in any longer.
Chloe: (to the group) What I wanna talk about is…Martin and me. ‘I wanna shag Sarah tonight it means nothing!’ ‘I went, oh alright then!’ I don’t wanna argue with anyone, but stop trying to make a f*ckin fool out of us mate! Right?

For more videos go to MTV’s website.

Geordie Shore’s latest series continues tonight on MTV at 10pm. 

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