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Geordie Shore season 15 episode 7 recap

The Geordie’s are back in the Toon tonight and it looks like they’ve bought the drama home with them! Will this be the end of the road for Maaron? A surprise visitor also pays the house a visit…

If you missed all the action fear not as you can get a snap shot of tonight’s best quotes below.

Chloe and Nathan stayed at home and tried and get their friendship back on track but how long can it last this time?

Chloe (to camera): Nathan Is 100% my best friend in this house and I’m so glad he finally wants to sort things out.
Nathan (to camera): This time in the house, me and Chloe have done nothing but argue. How can things between me and my best friend, have got this bad?
Nathan: I don’t like not talking to ya but I feel like this time I have been a bit more stubborn with ya than normal.
Chloe (to camera): Of course I want to get the bond back with Nathan but he needs to realise that he needs to be there for us, that’s what best friends do.
Chloe: You know how it’s always been a bit of a rollercoaster with me and Marty like and obviously he left and I feel like that was the time for you to be there for us. No one was like though like.
Nathan: I should have checked on you and seen how you felt. I’m sorry for that.
Chloe: I’m getting upset.
Nathan: Don’t get upset!
Nathan (to camera): I hate that I’ve made my best friend this upset, I’m never gonna argue with her again.
Nathan: You’re annoying but I love ya. Are we friends?
Chloe: Yeah!
Chloe (to camera): Thank god we’ve finally made up. Arguing with Nathan was awful and now we can concentrate on being best friends.
Nathan (to camera): Now that me and Chloe have made up, there’s one thing I miss, having a pamper sesh. Why haven’t I worn a swimming costume before? I look fierce. Move over Kim K!
Chloe (to camera): This has actually turned out to be a really good day, I made up with Nathan and I’m actually getting a f*cking wash.

Elsewhere, Aaron was set on celebrating his birthday and he and Marnie were getting on better than ever.

Chloe (to camera): This is the best I’ve ever seen Marnie and Aaron, they are getting on so well. Let’s just hope this time they make it official.
Marnie (to camera): Aaron’s party is gonna be so special, I’ve invited all my friends and can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with him.
Nathan (to camera): The birthday boy is officially f*cked so it’s time to head home and continue the PARTY!
Marnie: Who’s drunker, Aaron or Joel?
Aaron: So excited for this house party man!
Gary: Marnie, have you got any fit mates coming to this house party?
Aaron: Yeah, who’s your mate? Gaz, yeah I’ll shag em!
Gary: Aaron, you can’t say that!
Marnie (to camera): Am I hearing things or has Aaron just said that he wants to sleep with one of my mates at the house party? I don’t care if he’s drunk, that’s out of order.

Geordie Shore continues next week on MTV at 10pm. 

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
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