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Prison Break 5×09 Behind the Eyes season finale recap

We recap the season five finale.


On the season five finale of Prison Break, Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) tried to put a stop to Jacob/Poseidon (Mark Feuerstein) once and for all.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Prison Break season 5, we suggest you stop reading now. If you don’t mind then please keep reading for a recap of episode 9.

The episode opened up with the cliffhanger scene from the end of last episode. Someone was shot inside Jacob’s lake house but we didn’t know who. The episode then jumped back six minutes to give us more insight into what was going down inside.

Before Michael entered the house, it was revealed that Jacob was downstairs in the basement with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) tied up. He tried to explain things to her and confessed that Michael’s prison break job in Yemen was supposed to be his last as he didn’t expect him to survive.

Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) wandered in and Sara said whatever she could to convince him to switch sides. What Sara and Jacob didn’t know is that Van Gogh was already unhappy about the situation. Jacob didn’t like what he was hearing and slapped Sara across the face before taping her mouth shut. When Michael and Linc (Dominic Purcell) appeared on the security cameras it was time for Jacob to leave.

Check out the Prison Break 5×09 trailer below:


He left little Mike upstairs with A&W (Marina Benedict) posing as Sara. As he drove away he saw Michael and Linc arrive. His plan was to get away with Mike and burn the house down with Sara and Michael inside.

The action switched back to the final scene from last week with A&W pulling a gun on Michael as he held his son. Before she fired Van Gogh walked in and said they should question Michael to be sure they have the right guy. She replied there was no leaving 21 Void and killed Van Gogh. So it was his blood that splattered on the front door.

In the chaos, Michael made off with Mike to a different room of the house and tried to hold the door shut. Meanwhile, downstairs, Sara had toppled her chair and broken a wine bottle to cut herself free. Michael sent Mike outside and told him Uncle Linc would be waiting for him at the end of the drive.

Mike ran out to Uncle Linc but he wasn’t there after being shot by Luca Abruzzi. Instead Jacob was waiting and took Mike with him. Back inside, Sara made it to A&W before she shot Michael and knocked her out. They got outside to see Jacob speeding away with Mike and then found Linc slumped in the car.

They rushed him to hospital where they rushed him into surgery. He apologised to Michael for letting him down but Michael was having none of it. Leaving Linc with the surgeons, Michael and Sara left to try and get Mike back.


Elsewhere, Whip (Augustus Prew) and his new found Dad, T-Bag (Robert Knepper), were driving along in a car. Whip asked for some advice for having a father like T-Bag. Instead of answering, T-Bag pointed out that the jar of blood that Whip collected was freaking him out. They were en-route to rendezvous with Michael and Sara.

The four of them met up, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, to discuss Michael’s next plan. There we learned that Michael had reached out to T-Bag because he knew Jacob wouldn’t have thought to monitor communication to someone that Michael despised. He thought if he did something to help him (presumable the bionic hand) that T-Bag would return the favour.

Back with Jacob, he took Mike to his ‘secret lair’ at work. He told Jacob that he was a secret agent and impressed him with the fancy facial scanner. Inside he told Mike that his mother was dead and showed him an image saying that Michael was actually not his father but Kaniel Outis. A&W arrived which scared Mike until Jacob explained that she was a secret agent too and had her show him her CIA credentials.

Jacob’s phone rang and Michael was on the line wanting his son back. Part way through the call Jacob put it on speaker phone so that Mike could hear. Mike shouted at Michael to leave his Dad alone, just like Jacob had hoped. This upset Michael but Sara said not to worry, it was probably just Jacob brainwashing their boy.

The favour Michael needed was for T-Bag to kill Jacob and he agreed. Whip was concerned for his Dad but he wanted Whip to stay out of it. Plus T-Bag knows he had the ‘killing gene’ making him the one that needed to do it. Michael sent Sara to check on his brother, Whip and T-Bag to collect something and he went off to ‘where it all started’.

Jacob’s tech guy was busy analysing Michael’s tattoos and tracking his phone. His phone made it look like Michael was off to the Zoo that Jacob knew he kept visiting so Jacob headed out. Later, in the tattoos, the tech guy discovered that the eyes on the palms of Michael’s hands had a secret message encrypted in them. Eventually his computers cracked it revealing a quote by Napoleon “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake”.

While Jacob was making a mistake by visiting the Zoo, Michael was at his secret lair. He stood in front of the facial recognition camera and covered his face with his hands. When held together the tattoos on the backs of them made a perfect copy of Jacob’s face! It worked and Michael was granted access. He called an annoyed Jacob to tell him he had the hard drives with all the info he needed to send Jacob down. They agreed a meet for the next day.

At the hospital, Sara discovered that Linc was gone. He’d checked himself out against their advice. Before she left she overheard another gunshot patient from the same location was in the hospital. Sara investigated to find the other patient was Van Gogh and asked for his help to find Mike. He couldn’t speak so she passed him pen and paper where he wrote ‘Let me die’. She begged him again and he wrote something down for her which seemed to be a location. He wanted her to pull the plug but she grabbed his hand and left him.

Surprisingly, Linc made his way back to see Luca. The drug dealer still wanted his money but Linc wanted him to agree they were even. Luca pulled a gun so Linc laid into him with his fists. As Linc walked away the real police arrived (presumably called by Linc) and arrested Luca. Bit of a random scene but I guess it ties up that part of the story.

Next we caught up with Whip and T-Bag where they chatted about killing and the Bible. Whip commented that his father was crazy and T-Bag said that now his son knew where he got it from. The thing Michael sent them to collect was Blue Hawaii, the weird Elvis impersonator that Michael previously contacted.


Michael promised Sara they would get Mike back as Whip and T-Bag arrived. Whip thanked him for giving him his father. Suddlenly Linc arrived to complete the gang and announced it was time to go.

Michael met with Jacob and asked where Mike was but Jacob refused to answer that question. Michael promised that if anything happened to him, all of Jacob’s data would be released. Jacob didn’t seem bothered and replied he’d just find the data and destroy it.

Michael surprised Jacob by pulling a gun on him and demanded he let Mike go. A&W walked out with a gun and took Michael’s. Next Whip appeared with his own gun and A&W shot him in the hand causing his father to rush out. A confident Jacob gloated as sirens approached, he had called the FBI on Kaniel Outis.

As the FBI entered the building, Jacob demanded Michael take him to the hard drives. Whip’s temper surfaced and he started threatening A&W and Jacob. Michael told him to stand down but Whip rushed A&W grabbing her gun. She got a shot off and he screamed in pain as Michael and his father rushed to him. Jacob demanded the hard drives and took Michael with him. T-Bag gave Jacob a death stare.

The FBI entered the room as Whip was bleeding out. T-Bag grabbed A&W and broke her neck for shooting his son. He returned to Whip who was happy he got to meet his father. As Whip passed away, the FBI arrested T-Bag.

Meanwhile back with Jacob’s tech guy, he was in charge of looking after Mike and got annoyed that he kept touching stuff. Mike looked out of the window and was surprised to see his mother standing there. She signalled for him to keep quiet. Inside the building, the tech guy pulled a gun on Sara. Linc popped up and knocked him out. Then Mike appeared and Sara gave him a big hug.

She called Michael to tell him that she had Mike. Jacob answered and then knew that Michael had no reason to give up the hard drives. As the FBI burst in, Michael made a run for it. Bizarrely, Michael changed his jacket as he ran but then all became clear.


Michael ran through a door and Jacob followed and shot him in the back. On the other side of the door was a perfect recreation of the location where the CIA director was murdered. It was something Blue Hawaii had put together. A camera captured the events and the gun was loaded with blanks to frame Jacob back for the original murder.

It turns out that the entire scene was in the back of a truck. Blue Hawaii started the engine to leave as Jacob and Michael started to fight. They ended up back inside the warehouse and continued to fight. Michael eventually got the upper hand and punched Jacob repeatedly in the face for ‘the last seven years’.

The FBI arrived to arrest Kaniel Outis as Jacob pretended to be the victim. Jacob thought he had got away with it until the FBI arrested him for blood evidence being found in his office. Michael was cleared by the head of the CIA who asked him if he was manipulating him. He explained that the tech guy had confirmed the story and he was free to go. Before leaving the CIA director offered Michael a job but he turned it down. He did ask for a favour though.

Later, Michael, Sara, Mike and Sheba (Inbar Lavi) were at the park. Michael had called Sheba to be there to set them up because he knew his brother wouldn’t. As Linc goes to see Sheba, Michael told him he loved him and he replied he loved him too.

At the end of the episode we returned to where it all began, Fox River Penitentiary. There’s a new inmate, Jacob, but he looked a bit smug as he announced to the guard he didn’t plan on staying long. In his cell he sat down and met his new cellmate. This was Michael’s favour as his cellmate was T-Bag! Jacob looked worried, T-Bag looked crazy and the episode ended with the screams of Jacob. Brilliant.


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