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Geordie Shore season 15 episode 5 recap

Geordie Shore series 15 continued tonight and things heated up for some of the nations favourite Northerners. For some of tonight’s best lines keep reading below.

Marron may have rekindled in the shag-pad but they’re taking their relationship one step further with a Lady and the Tramp style spaghetti kiss on their date…

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Aaron (to camera): Me and Marns have got to this amazing restaurant, the sun is setting and it’s probably one of the most romantic experiences we’ve ever shared.
Aaron: Have we ever done this before?
Marnie: Nah.
Aaron: We haven’t have we.
Marnie (to camera): This date is amazing and it’s the perfect opportunity for me and Aaron to talk about what the hell’s going on with us.
Marnie: What would you say is actually going on? Dating, sleeping with each other, cuddle partners?
Aaron (to camera): Cuddle partners? Howay man, that’s not even a thing you f*cking divvy.
Aaron: I would say dating.
Marnie: Would ya? You are like my best friend, you know that?
Marnie (to camera): I literally love nothing more than when me and Aaron are getting on, when we are, we’re so great together.
Marnie: I like where we are though. Do you? Think it’s the happiest I’ve felt in a really long time.
Marnie: Do you know what this is reminding us off? Have you seen the film Lady and the Tramp? That used to be my favourite, I’ve always wanted to do this.
Marnie (to camera): Pass the f*cking spaghetti and let’s do it.
Aaron: [Laughing]
Marnie: That is not as romantic as it is in the film!

Elsewhere top shagger Gary is back on the pull and it’s game on for Abbie and Elettra…

Sophie: Gary can’t think that he’s got it all. He flirts with you and then now, he’s moved on to Elettra.
Abbie: The thing is yeah, I’d love to see what he’s like when Elettra’s not here. She’s not here forever is she.
Chloe: He’ll go back to you [Abbie]. Go back to you.
Abbie (to camera): If Gary thinks he can graft Elettra then come back to me, he’s got another thing coming… but it is a shame because I was quite starting to like him.
Sophie: Gary has treated girls like sh*t in the past.
Chloe: That’s why I’m gonna get him back!
Chloe (to camera): Operation c*ck-block Gary, round two.
Gary (to camera): We are all ready to hit the club and this is my chance to carry on the graft with Elettra and show Chloe and Abbie that I’m no push over. I’ve got a reputation to keep a hold of here man.
Sophie (to camera): Operation c*ck-block Gary is about to begin. We need to do it with military precision.
Sophie: What is the plan?
Abbie: Every time you see Gary and Elettra talking, I’ll just go… and swoop in.
Abbie (to camera): With Chloe and Sophie helping us, the plan is to make sure that Gary and Elettra definitely don’t share a bed tonight.
Gary: Every time I look over I can see them plotting little ideas. This isn’t the first time the lasses in this house have tried to get one over on me. Bring it on!

Geordie Shore continues next Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
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