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Geordie Shore season 15 finale recap

Tonight Geordie Shore season 15 concluded and viewers finally go some closure! Find out if Marnie and Aaron will be anything more than friends, whether Gary and Abbie make it to the shag-pad and most importantly, if Nathan can fit a whole pizza in his mouth…

It’s the conversation we’ve all been dreading all series, will Marnie and Aaron ever be on the same page in their relationship?

Sophie (to camera): Everyone knows that Marnie and Aaron want different things right now, that’s everyone apart from Aaron.
Marnie: I can’t take it any further because I can’t get in another relationship. Especially at this point in my life, because I’ve just spent the last three years in relationships and they’ve all gone f*cking nowhere.
Marnie (to camera): Talking to Sophie, it feels so easy to tell her how I feel about Aaron. When I talk to him, it’s going to be a different story and I’m dreading it.
Marnie: I’m going to be honest with him. We’ll see what he says back.
Marnie (to camera): I feel so nervous. I don’t know why, I think it’s because he wants more than I do.
Marnie: Are we on the same page?
Aaron: I don’t know.
Marnie: I feel like, our last year, I was so ready to like, commit to you forever and I just kinda felt like you sh*t all over it.
Aaron (to camera): I can’t believe Marnie is putting this on me again. She’s the one that f*cked off with someone else. I didn’t sh*t on her, she sh*t on me.
Aaron: You’ve got no trust in me and I’ve got no trust in you, at all.
Sophie (to camera): It’s such a shame that Marnie and Aaron’s relationship looks the total opposite to relationship goals. F*ck, this is a mess.
Aaron: I am a stopgap. I am the person you come to right, when you’re single. As soon as someone better comes along, you f*ck me off. That’s it.
Marnie: Why yous trying to me us look like a f*cking idiot? Stop trying to play the f*cking victim right. You were a f*cking sh*tty boyfriend.
Aaron: You’re a sh*t girlfriend.

Elsewhere Maaron finally make up but it’s the last night, is it too late for them to be anything more than friends?

Gary (to camera): Look Aaron, I know you don’t want to but you have to go and talk to Marnie, because it is the last night.
Aaron (to camera): Mine and Marnie’s relationship, or whatever it is, means so much to us and we have to get it sorted now.
Aaron: I apologise about today. I hate, I hate seeing you upset right, but…
Marnie: Well it didn’t look like it.
Aaron: Right, I think this time round, right, we’ve been the best we’ve ever, ever been, and it’s so good to see you so happy. I know I’m not perfect, right. I need to change my ways, in certain ways. I need to think before I speak.
Marnie (to camera): This is everything I’ve ever wanted from Aaron. He’s taking responsibility, he’s speaking from the heart and he’s being serious. It’s the best apology I’ve ever heard.
Marnie: I literally can’t explain to ya how much that means to us and you’ve just finally put it out there. Like, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I just wanted you to just, I just wanted you to acknowledge like how I feel, like. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. We’re not perfect Aaron.
Sophie (to camera): I’m keeping a close eye on Marnie and Aaron, so far, so good.
Marnie: I feel like I’ve just finally gotten somewhere with ya.
Marnie (to camera): I’m so happy me and Aaron have made up, but why didn’t he say all this last year? That was when I was ready and I’m not now and Aaron needs to understand that.
Aaron (to camera): To be honest, I’m not sure where this leaves me and Marns but I’m just happy to be back to how we were before. I’m not going to push it, I just want to have a good night.

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Geordie Shore will be back soon!

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