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Blindspot 2×22 Lepers Repel season finale preview

On the latest episode of Blindspot, Sandstorm set their plans into motion.

The episode began where the previous cliffhanger left us, with Roman (Luke Mitchell) remembering that it was his sister Jane (Jaimie Alexander) who wiped his memory. Furious at being lied to he grabbed a knife and went full on attack at her.

The pair tangled several times with Jane managing to fend off his attacks. Finally she got the better of him and he was detained and put back in his cell at the FBI. Roman was so upset he told Jane the more he remembered the more he hated her.

At the FBI, Director Pellington (Dylan Baker) popped in to put an end to the Jane Doe project. He decided it was time to put it out in the public domain and had plans to release details about Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) and Roman.

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Jane appealed that her brother was beginning to remember his past. This made Pellington change his mind, he would release details of Shepherd and send Roman to a CIA Black Site instead. There they would try to speed up his recovery.

Meanwhile, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) was still trying to find a way to get Parker to talk. They came up with a plan to tell him that Devon (Ronda Rousey) was pregnant to try and get him to agree to a deal. It worked but he wanted Devon on a plane to safety in exchange for giving up a Sandstorm location.

At the location, the team discovered an exact replica of their FBI offices. It could only mean one thing, that Sandstorm were planning an attack. They were right, Sandstorm stormed the New York office of the FBI. They hacked the CCTV feeds and replaced them with video recorded at their replica office.

It was enough to get almost everyone to evacuate which was just what Sandstorm needed to get inside and for Shepherd to take control. As they did, Patterson was able to lock down the building to slow them down.

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In the main office, Shepherd had Pellington and others hostage. She demanded Pellington give up Weller’s access code to override the lock down. He refused to give it so Shepherd began executing the hostages. When she realised that it wasn’t going to work she appealed to the remaining hostages. She promised that the person who gave up the code would save their own life and Pellington. As soon as she got the code she broke her promise and shot and killed Pellington.

With the lock down removed, Shepherd needed to get to Patterson. Before she could get there, Patterson put the entire system into boot mode. She also set off a database migration to further slow Shepherd down.

Downstairs, Weller and Jane broke in to try and put a stop to Shepherd’s plan. Once inside they came across a very large bomb which was big enough to bring down the entire building. Fortunately Weller knew exactly how to disable it. His hands were too big though so Jane had to follow his instructions. With the bomb disabled, Jane realised that red tape at the replica site was showing where the bomb locations would. This meant there was a second bomb to find and disable.

Elsewhere, Shepherd had found her way to Roman’s cell and began to talk him back around to her way of thinking. While this was going on, Patterson managed to use electrical surges to begin knocking out the FBI servers. Tasha (Audrey Esparza) and Reade (Rob Brown) also managed to put up a fight against the many Sandstorm operatives. Their efforts came to an end when Parker popped up and shot Tasha.

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Jane got to work on disabling the second bomb. Suddenly they came under heavy attack from Sandstorm. Weller was left to deal with them himself. It was close but the bomb was disabled and the Sandstorm operatives were taken out.

They then ran into Shepherd and Roman who were trying to flee. They fired on Jane and Weller before making their way into Borden’s old office. There Weller thought they would have them trapped. However, there was a secret hole in one of the walls, which must have been made by Borden, so Shepherd and Roman escaped.

Sandstorm’s plan appeared to be thwarted for now but the FBI had suffered heavy losses. Other sites were also attacked with bombs going off in San Francisco and Boston. Thankfully, the efforts of Patterson and the rest of the team had prevented several other attacks.

Jane was upset at the loss of Roman. She confided in Weller who listened. The pair then finally shared a kiss. As ever their moment was short-lived when Weller needed to be taken off by Secret Service.

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Tasha was taken to hospital and looked to be in a bad way. Reade was by her side, like she was for him. Shepherd had Roman record a video of her claiming the attacks and explaining it was time for people to rise up and take the country back.

At the end of the episode, Weller found himself at a top secret location. There he was in the company of many other government department heads. It’s explained that this is the Truman Protocol and this group is known as COGS, something that Nas mentioned previously.

The group is designed to take over the government should a large attack be successful. Weller realised that they might just be Shepherd’s Phase 2. It looks like Sandstorm’s plan is still underway.

The season two finale is Lepers Repel and here’s the official synopsis:

As the FBI copes with a tragedy, Weller finds himself at the center of a surprising event. Jane faces an uncertain future.

Watch the Blindspot 2×22 season finale trailer below:

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Tune in to Sky Living HD at 9pm on Thursday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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