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Geordie Shore: Radgie Rampage episode 7 recap

Geordie Shore Radgie Rampage was back in full swing last night and if you’ve missed it we have all the best lines from episode seven of this series. Continue reading if you would like to know more.

The originals arrive in Tignes and they have a surprise waiting for them…
Sophie: (to camera) We arrive in Tignes, it’s like Christmas all year round, I’ve never seen something this beautiful in all my life!
Marty: (to camera) This chalet is unbelievable I cannot believe we are being trusted in a place like this!
Marty: (to camera) We all come downstairs into the room and in the corner there’s a mannequin with a ski suit that’s freaking me clean out.
Sophie: (to camera) Oh my god! It’s not a mannequin it’s Scott!!
Gaz: (to camera) I know we’re here to work, but work can wait. Scott’s back and I’m desperate to hit them slopes and have some fun.
Gaz: (to camera) I love being up in the mountains with the lads but it’s time to fill Scott in about the new job Anna’s given us to help her find the best new workers.
Scott: I need to know you know, if there’s newbies coming in someone must have got with someone…what’s the order of the fittest?
Gaz: Sarah, Abbie and then Zahida
Aaron: (to camera) Snowboarding has been sick but my d*ick is gonna drop off, lets get back to the chalet, get warm and get my clothes on for tonight!
Chloe: (to camera) The phone rings and only one Radgie has got this number… f*ucking Anna!
Anna: Scott, if you’re with the others put me on speaker because I’ve got something really important to say…

Scott is up to his old tricks again as a love triangle is beginning to form between him and Sarah and Abbie…
Gaz: (to camera) Let’s just forget about last night and hit the slopes before we have to go check out this Geordie bonding tour for Anna.
Sarah: (to camera) So Anna wants us to try out this team bonding s*it for her Geordie Tours business, but I think she’s lost the plot because all she wants us to do is hoi myself down a mountain on a couple of plastic spoons!
Zahida: (to camera) The only thing we’re bonding over during sledging is that none of us wanted to die!
Nathan (to camera): We get back to the chalet and us originals need to have a chat.
Chloe: Scott, who’s your favourite, who do you like the most?
Scott: If I had to say the order I’d say Sam, Abbie, Sarah and Zahida.
Nathan: (to camera) Scott has just picked Abbie over Sarah, that’s gonna f*ck Sarah off if she finds out… this is gonna be interesting.
Sarah: (to Zahida) I’ve got a feeling that things are gonna be f*cked up with Scott anyway so I’ve got me guard up.
Gaz: (to camera) We’re walking and we find a nice little bar, f*ck it this will do, let’s get smashed.
Zahida: (to camera) It must be hard for Sarah to see Abbie flirt with the lad she had in her bed last night.
Sarah: (to Marty) He don’t care about upsetting us and it just makes us think who cares about me in this house?!
Gaz: (to camera) You’ve got to have a sense of loyalty to be a part of this Geordie family, Scott’s just keeping his options open but causing mayhem at the same time.

Geordie Shore continues next Tuesday on MTV. 

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
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