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Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy gets her own back on Frank

What is in store for Emmerdale’s villagers this week?  Check out our look ahead below to find out more about Belle’s fate, Vanessa and Tracy’s daddy issues and Priya’s relapse.

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Tracy gets her own back on Frank

Carly urges Vanessa to tell Tracy that Frank is staying with them, but when Tracy offers to throw Johnny a birthday party to make amends, she decides to wait.  In true Tracy style, the clown she’s booked turns out to be a stripper and she runs to the toilet and Vanessa bottles telling her about Frank.

Tracy Shankley, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

As Vanessa prepares to move Frank in, she ropes Carly in to try and keep Tracy out of the way but when she takes Frank to the Woolie, they meet Tracy who flips out.  Later, she overhears Frank telling Vanessa that she’s all he cares about and she comes up with a plan to get back at her dad.

Eric seems to have lost some money and Tracy subtly suggests it might be Frank that took it and he calls the police.  Soon Frank’s arrested and Tracy comes clean to David about what she did and the arguments begin; she calls the wedding off!

An upset Tracy is found by Eric and she confesses what she did to Frank and he calls the police, but will he turn her in and how will Frank feel when he learns what she did?

Belle gets sectioned

Belle Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Belle continues to be tormented by voices as she cowers in her hospital bed, leaving Lisa and Zak to try and be positive and Bailey worrying that her condition is serious.  The psychiatrist tells them that Belle is going to be sectioned and Bailey warns Zak and Lisa that Belle might have schizophrenia.

Lisa packs a bag for Belle and puts a photo of her and Belle in it.  She’s upset when Belle says she only wants to see Bailey and horrified when she learns that they want to move Belle down to a unit in Surrey.  She decides she has to get Belle in to a private clinic so that she can be closer to home.  That leaves the small matter of how she’ll pay for the clinic which costs £5,000 a week!

She is refused a loan from the bank and from the Sharmas so Charity offers to pull a robbery to get the money but Lisa is determined to find the money legitimately.  Lachlan wants to help and sets up a meeting between Lisa and his mum, but it doesn’t go well and an angry Lisa loses her rag as she stomps out, eying Chrissie’s convertible on the driveway; she has a new plan.

Chas gives Lisa £5,000 leaving Charity curious as to where Chas got her hands on the money.  When Lisa gets to the hospital she’s gutted to hear that Belle has already gone.

Priya’s eating disorder is back

Leyla Harding & Priya Sharma, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Leyla offers to help Priya attract some buyers for Mill cottages by hosting an open day.  Priya is still wound up over the business with Rakesh and when a woman makes a ridiculously low offer for the property it drives her to make herself sick in the bathroom.

Rishi offers to invest in rebuilding Mill cottages and Priya rushes to tell Leyla the good news but faints when she gets there.  Leyla puts two and two together and realises that Priya’s eating disorder is back and Priya confides that she thinks Rakesh is having an affair.  Leyla insists Priya goes to see her counsellor.


Robert, Aaron & Liv Livesy, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Aaron is unimpressed when he hears Liv has been playing up at school but decides to go ahead with a business trip to France, leaving her under Robert and Chas’ supervision.  Liv comes up with a scheme to buy a jeep as an investment from the scrapyard.

Kerry is worried when she sees Ross and Dan together, fearful that Ross might spills the beans.  She tells Ross that she is going to confess to Dan, but he persuades her it’s a bad idea.   Dan earwigs the end of the conversation and wonders what Kerry has been up to.  Can Kerry keep her dirty little secret?

Robert is suspicious when Chrissie asks Victoria to cater for a launch and is frustrated that he can’t tell Victoria what Chrissie has done to Andy.

Paddy sneaks inside Smithy Cottage to make himself a snack and is thrown by how many of Pierce’s belongings are around; he barricades himself in.  Chas and Pearl try in vain to coax him out but he insists he’s not moving til Rhona comes back from holiday.

Chrissie tries to keep Ronnie in the village by offering him more work on the adventure park.  Will he stay and can she get Lawrence to admit his feelings for Ronnie?

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