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Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron attacks Kasim

Let’s have a look at what’s going down in Emmerdale this coming week and Aaron’s angry, Nicola and Finn find out some truths and Paddy thinks he’s cursed!

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Aaron attacks Kasim

David warns Tracy that she needs to call Nathan off from seeing Finn but it seems she’s too late as Finn finds out that Tracy’s been paying him to date Finn.  However, when Kasim calls and offers to take Finn and Nathan out for drinks he decides to pay Nathan to pretend to be his date so he can win Kasim back.

Unfortunately Kasim discovers Nathan is an escort and is less than impressed, driving off.  Finn chases after Kasim and his dad Paul as they drive off and leaps into the road in front of them.  Kasim pushes Finn, desperately trying to show off in front of his dad.  Finn is left heartbroken.

Kasim & Finn Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, Aaron is more and more irritated at how much time Robert’s spending with Rebecca, helping her with a business plan.  He’s also sick of Chas going on about their wedding and when Charity suggests he and Robert just get married in Vegas, the pair flip a coin…

Aaron’s joy is short lived when he finds out Robert is with Rebecca yet again and the pair have a blazing rough about Aaron’s jealousy.  Aaron is more furious than ever when he gets caught up in a fracas at the pub with Finn and Kasim and sees the perfect way to release his anger; he beats up Kasim.

Robert and Aaron are holding crisis talks about their relationship but are interrupted when the police knock on the door.  Later, Robert asks Finn for help, but can he convince him?

Nicola finds the Firestarter

Nicola King, Emmerdale
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Nicola is left confused when she finds out that the insurance company didn’t pay out for the fire at Mill that put her in hospital.  She is determined to find out why Rakesh lied and confronts him and Priya but they palm her off.  Clearly worried, Rakesh then goes to see Ronnie and tell him to keep quiet as it could implicate him and he reluctantly agrees.  However, later on, he goes to see Nicola and confesses that Rakesh started the fire.

Nicola starts working at the factory and soon has shocked all the workers with an announcement.  Has she got Rakesh and Priya over a barrel?  The factory workers are unsettled and Kerry and Lisa face the chop.  Laurel gets word she be the new supervisor.

Paddy has an accident

Paddy Kirk & Chas Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Paddy prepares to go on another date with Chas but has an incident that makes him think he and Chas are cursed.    On his date, he tries to hide his discomfort as he sits down for dinner.  He necks the wine in an attempt to numb the pain of his recent injury, but leaves Chas shocked when she unwittingly causes him to pass out.

Later, Paddy is jealous to see Chas with her ex DS Wise and confides in Rhona and Pierce.  The latter is determined to make sure Paddy and Chas get back together, but what lengths will he go to?  All this to take out the threat of Paddy and Rhona rekindling perhaps?


Bob Hope, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Chas finds Bob in the Woolpack back room following Hunks Night and jumps to the conclusion that he’s slept with Charity.  Is she right and how long will it be before this information reaches Brenda?

Another fall out from Hunks Night is that Rhona has some grovelling to do to Pierce.  She even goes so far as to say she won’t go out with the girls any more.

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