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Emmerdale Spoilers: Dan’s and Nicola’s relationships crumble

Welcome to our regular look ahead to what’s going to happen to your favourite villagers this coming week.  It looks like Dan and Nicola’s kiss becomes public knowledge, another couple share an illicit kiss and Belle hits rock bottom.

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Dan’s and Nicola’s relationships crumble

As Dan and Nicola try to work out where they stand after that kiss on Friday, the threat of Elliot telling Jimmy looms large.  Quick thinking Nicola lies that Dan was just practicing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and is relieved when Elliot seems to accept this, but he later tells everyone in the pub leaving Kerry to storm out and Jimmy to declare to Nicola their marriage is over!

Dan admits to Kerry that it was Nicola who first made a pass at him and she marches over to her and gives her a slap.  She’s about to hit her again but then hesitates when she remembers it’s not a fair fight with Nicola’s disability.  Later, in the Woolpack, Kerry is on a mission and tries to kiss Jimmy but he dodges it.  She orders a cab into town and ends up kissing Ross, who unbeknownst to Kerry has a bet on with Pete and sees victory handed to him on a Kerry sized plate.

When Kerry realises she was nothing more than a bet to Ross she is shamed and eventually confides in Bernice.  She later asks Dan to give them another chance and he accepts but he doesn’t know her dirty little secret.

Meanwhile, Jimmy continues to give Nicola the cold shoulder and she jumps on an idea when she sees his shed magazine.  Later, banter between the pair soon leads to a passionate make up.

Moira and James lock lips

Moira & James Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Moira is still reeling from catching Cain with Charity and James feels bad having to add to her pressures by asking for his investment back from Butler’s Farm so he and Emma can reinvest the money into Wiley’s Farm.

As James and Moira drive through a country road together in a cab borrowed from Ross, they happen upon a donkey in distress and it pushes Moira’s emotions to breaking point.  She lets it all out as James comforts and reassures her and before long they are locking lips.

Later, Moira asks James to forget what happened but is horrified to realise she left her bra in the back of the cab only for Pete to find.  He thinks that it must belong to whoever Ross hooked up with to win the bet.  Soon Ross is telling Emma it was James who was in the cab, not him, and James panics that all is about to be revealed.  He begs Ross not to tell Emma about him and Moira.

Later, Moira declares she’s had enough and is going to sell up and move away and James urges her to reconsider, just as Holly turns up and tells them about her new job.  Emma is delighted to hear that she might be seeing the back of Moira, much to James disgust and he walks out and heads to tell Moira that he loves her.

Moira is left dazed by James’ declaration and tells him again what happened was a mistake and there is nothing between them.  He returns to Emma and she gets anxious as he tells her they should slow things down and is about to tell her about what happened with Moira;  can he go through with it?

Belle collapses

Belle Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Zak and Lisa are distraught to hear the search for Belle is being scaled back and fear the police are giving up on her.  On the streets, Ellie continues to torment Belle and tells her to throw away a leaflet with Bailey’s number because he hates her, just like everyone else does.

As the Dingle clan plan to double their search, determined to make up for the police scaling back, Belle is scrabbling around looking for food and a group of revelers think it’s funny to steal her sleeping bag, leaving her cold and vulnerable.  Soon, stricken by cold and hunger and the constant badgering of Ellie, Belle collapses.  Will she be found in time and in what state?


Paddy Kirk & Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Paddy makes a drastic decision to leave the village and Marlon asks Rhona to try to talk him out of it.  She uses Leo as a reason but he tells her that he has to go because he’ll always love her.  Can Chas, Aaron and some lederhosen win him round?

Tracy becomes a red head in a desperate attempt to show how different she is from Vanessa, much to David’s shock.  Vanessa organises a surprise 90’s themed party and it looks like the sisters are finally going to hug it out…..but it all goes pete tong!

Priya is worried Rakesh might be cheating on her as he seems to be staying away from her advances.  Seeing signs that her bulimia may be back, Rakesh finally accepts her offer of a flight to Lahore, promising he’ll be a better husband when he returns.

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