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Emmerdale Spoilers: Bernice tries to kiss Andy

Welcome to our regular look ahead at what’s in store for the residents of our favourite soap village, Emmerdale.  First thing to note is that the schedules are all over the place because of Euro 2016 and Emmerdale will be aired on Sunday 12th, Monday 13th and Friday 17th June.

Tune in to see Bernice’s meltdown continue, Belle look like a stalker and Holly facing the demon drugs.

Bernice tries to kiss Andy

Bernice has flashbacks when she sees the digger keys in the kitchen.  Rakesh is pointing the finger at Ronnie but he has his suspicions and confronts Bernice.  Just when it looks like she’s going to come clean, Andy gallantly steps forward to take the blame and claims it was an accident.

Bernice tells Andy that Ronnie and Lawrence had a gay relationship and then leans in for a kiss.  Will Andy reciprocate?  How will Bernice feel when Chrissie arrives?  Chrissie is actually feeling guilty herself for bringing Ronnie into their lives and causing problems for Bernice and Lawrence.  Andy is gutted when Bernice wants them to keep out of each other’s lives.

Holly’s on the heroin again

Holly Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

With her wages from Victoria in her pocket, Holly heads off into town leaving Moira to fret that she might have gone to buy drugs.   She’s relieved when Holly returns with gig tickets for her mum and Cain.  This gesture sparks an accusation and when Holly leaves the house, it looks like she might have bought a wrap of heroin too.  She uses all the willpower she has to throw it in the bin.

On the night of the gig, Holly is left to babysit Kyle but the temptation to have a fix gets too much and she heads outside and gets the wrap from the bin.  She’s left Kyle on his own in the house and after she takes the heroin she returns to find the house locked and has to break in.  When Cain and Moira return home, she covers that she was putting the bins out and the door shut and she had to break in to make sure Kyle was ok.

It looks like she’s gotten away with it until Cain asks her to do a drugs test!

Belle is caught in Dr Bailey’s house

Belle Dingle & The Baileys, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Belle takes Lisa out for a fancy meal to make up for all the recent trouble with Dr Bailey only to bump into him and his wife at the restaurant.

Later, Belle goes to confront Dr Bailey about why he took his wife to a nice restaurant and he promises they’ll be together soon.  Belle’s delight soon turns to panic when she realises that Lachlan has gone to Dr Bailey’s house and she arrives to find him trashing the place.  He shows Belle a travel confirmation that the pair are going away for Christmas, determined to prove that Dr Bailey is not going to be leaving his wife for Belle any time soon.

As the pair argue, a key turns in the door and Lachlan scarpers leaving Belle to be caught red handed by Dr Bailey and his wife, Angie.


Dan & the kids, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Arthur, Ameila and April turn into Ghostbusters as they take on the haunted pirate ship and ruin Ashley, Dan and Jimmy’s poker club.

Marlon is irked when he sees Rhona and Pierce together and when Pierce offers to help Leo with a school project, Marlon sees through his perfect veneer.

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