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Gotham 2×15 Mad Grey Dawn preview

Bruce (David Mazouz) went on the hunt for his parents’ killer with Alfred (Sean Pertwee) by his side on this week’s Gotham.

Determined to find the location for Patrick ‘Matches’ Malone (Michael Bowen), Alfred was forced to fight at an underground fight club. The fight ended with Alfred winning but put him in hospital badly injured. With Alfred unable to assist him, Bruce sought out Malone who seemed to confirm that he was his parents killer.

Bruce couldn’t go through with killing Malone but as he left his apartment and Gordon (Ben McKenzie) arrived, Malone shot himself. After the ordeal Bruce left a note for Alfred telling him he was moving to the streets with Selina (Camren Bicondova) to learn how to fight crime.

Elsewhere in the episode Leslie (Morena Baccarin) asked Gordon to investigate Kristen’s (Chelsea Spack) disappearance, which alarmed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), and Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) was released from Arkham Asylum.

The next episode of the season is Mad Grey Dawn. While Gordon finds himself following a trail of clues left by a new villain, the Penguin makes an unexpected discovery.

Tune in to Channel 5 HD at 10pm to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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