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Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Gordon be sent down for abusing Aaron?

Welcome to our regular look at what’s happen for your favourite Emmerdalers this week and it’s a big week for Aaron as Gordon’s trial gets underway.  Belle throws caution to the wind and David gets false hope.

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Will Gordon be sent down for abusing Aaron?

The last few torturous weeks have led to Gordon’s trial and Aaron is understandably nervous.  He tells Robert to steer clear as he prepares to take the stand.  He struggles to hold it together as the prosecution question him.  As the defence step up to question him, he soon feels trapped.

Outside the court Cain tries to stop Chas from talking to Gordon, fearful that she may be risking the case.  Chas is left even more upset but reassures Aaron she’s 100% behind him.

Back in the court, Sandra takes the stand, but with the defence team smelling blood in the water, has she got the strength to persuade them that Gordon abused Aaron?  It may be left to Aaron’s half-sister Liv, to swing the balance of the trial.  Who’s side is she on?

Then it’s time for Gordon himself to take the stand as he emotionally appeals to the court and makes false claims about Aaron.  Chas desperately tries to bolster Aaron who is beginning to lose hope.

It seems Robert has decided to ignore Aaron’s request and maybe it’s for the best as he holds Aaron’s hand in court as the closing arguments are given.  Back at The Woolpack, Cain queries why Chas is letting Rob spend time with Aaron, but she tells him she’s happy Aaron has something else to occupy his mind.  Could this be the return of Robron?

Next day, everyone is on edge when Aaron gets the call to let him know a verdict has been reached, but which way has it gone;  guilty or not guilty?

Rhona trails Paddy, but who’s watching her?

Paddy Kirk & Rhona Goskirk, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Rhona is struggling since Paddy’s affair.  She can’t shake her suspicions and jealousy and when Paddy takes a phone call, her reaction is spotted by Vanessa and she’s seriously concerned.

Paddy heads out on vet business and Rhona makes an excuse to Vanessa and Marlon about leaving her purse at the shop, only to follow Paddy to make sure he’s not cheating on her again.  Will her friends be able to help her resolve her trust issues?

Pearl discovers lots of negative reviews online of the vet’s surgery and informs Rhona and Paddy.  Rhona instantly thinks she knows who’s behind them and as the bad reviews mount up, she makes a call and arranges to meet the person who’s been trolling them.   As she heads towards a barn, she’s unknowingly being watched by a mysterious figure;  is she in danger?

A distracted Dr Bailey gives David false hope

Dr Bailey & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

As a nervous David goes to get his test results from Dr Bailey, someone else has also gone to get a private consultation; Belle has dropped in on him.  As a skiving Belle makes her move on Dr Bailey he tries to tell her she can’t be there, but she leans in for a kiss.  As David enters the room, he’s unaware that Belle and Dr Bailey are smooching behind the examination curtain.  As the doctor steps out, he is flustered and shuffles through his paperwork before telling David that the ultrasound has come back clear.  David is ecstatic with the result but it seems Dr Bailey has made a worrying error.

Later, David learns the truth and has to have an operation.  Leyla is worried that David hasn’t told Jacob about it and both her and Eric disagree with his plans to send Jacob back to his mum in Portugal.  David also bottles out of telling Priya.

Eric makes an admission to Leyla that makes her take action, but what will she do?


Megan Macey & Jai Sharma, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Megan prepares for Eliza’s christening and is adamant that Jai shouldn’t be there, but when the moment comes she feels pressured to rescind.  When the service doesn’t go to plan, Megan rushes off.  She later makes an awkward admission about the christening and is touched when Sam and the Sharma’s all offer her help.

Chrissie uses a leak at Home Farm to call plumber Ronnie, the man she thinks could be her biological father.  When he innocently arrives, she scrutinizes his every move and tries to learn more about him.

Dan tells Zak and Joanie it was time they moved out.  In a panic to raise some cash fast, Zak goes to the Dingles and takes some stuff along with the Dingle pot.  He offers to sell the heirlooms to Eric in the café, but the pot is the only item of value.  Eric offers £100, but Zak feels that it could be worth a lot more than that.  Will he go ahead and sell it anyway?  When Lisa finds out what he’s done she is disgusted and Joanie panics when she realises her ring is missing.

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