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Emmerdale Spoilers: Andy is beaten up, but who’s behind it?

Welcome to our look ahead to what’s going to happen in Emmerdale this week and it looks like Andy is in trouble, Belle’s relationship has another twist and Jacob and Gabby kiss.

Andy is beaten up, but who’s behind it?

Bernice agrees to keep Chrissie and Andy’s affair secret and even covers for them with Lawrence when she finds Andy’s watch and tells him it is Robert’s.  It looks like it might backfire when Andy is telling Bernice that he’s going to let Lawrence know about him and Chrissie, only for Lawrence to walk in and jump to the wrong conclusion.

When Robert finds out about from Andy that he’s been seeing Chrissie, he is fuming.  However, it seems Andy has more to fear from Lawrence who makes a sinister call.

Chrissie is peeved that Andy has stood her up, but Bernice is worried as it’s out of character for him.  Soon Moira finds a battered Andy slumped in the road and calls an ambulance.  Will Lawrence realise what he’s done when he sees Chrissie cradling an injured Andy?

Later, Chrissie thinks that Robert was behind the attack on Andy, but he figures out that it was Lawrence and threatens to use it against him.  Chrissie is devastated to learn that Lawrence was behind the ambush and compares him to Robert.  Lawrence is left all alone as he then falls to the floor, having a cardiac arrest until Robert shows up, but will he help or leave him to die?

Chrissie finds an old letter from Ronnie Hale and believes he might be her real father and confides in Andy, only for him to warn her to slow down and not do anything rash.

Liv has a tough decision to make

Robert Sugden & Chas Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

As Aaron’s little sister Liv, listens back to the recording of Robert talking to Aaron about paying Ryan to pretend that Gordon molested him too, she has a choice to make.  She feels guilty when she later overhears Aaron telling Chas that Liv can be trusted.

She tells Gordon that she believes Aaron and doesn’t want to help him anymore, making him furious as he snaps at Liv.  She arrives back to the pub with tears running down her cheeks and unwittingly drops herself in it with Aaron when she mentions Ryan.  Aaron realises that she must be getting information for Gordon and is not happy.  He’s soon worried however, when he sees that Liv has run away.  He puts his fears aside and goes to see Gordon, but who will have the upper hand?

Robert is horrified to hear that Liv has a recording of him and Aaron and wants to go to the police before she does, but it seems it’s too late when DS Wise arrives to chat to Aaron.  Has he ruined Aaron’s case?

Gabby locks lips with Jacob

Gabby Thomas & Lachlan White, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

When Lachlan gets gig tickets, Gabby tries too only for Laurel and Ashley to refuse to let her go.  Lachlan gives her an idea over getting permission to the gig and her lie is witnessed by an unimpressed Jacob.  Later, Jacob makes a confession to her and the pair head to the pavilion with a bottle of stolen vodka.  Soon they are playing a drinking game and it’s not long before they are kissing.

As the pair head home, Jacob is stumbling and it’s obvious he’s been drinking but David realises he is suffering more than he should be.  Ashley smells alcohol on Gabby but goes against Laurel’s wish to ground her, though he is troubled by her attitude of late.


Zak Dingle & Rishi Sharma, Emmerdale
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Zak has a case of the green-eyed monster when he thinks Rishi might be keen on Joanie.  The latter doesn’t take too kindly to Zak’s behaviour and wonders if he can accept her flirty ways.  It’s time for drastic action.

Megan is struggling to balance motherhood and being independent.  Jai is worried she’s not willing to accept his help and then she gets his back up even more when she asks Sam to become Eliza’s godfather.

Belle has a rash and goes to the doctors where she’s shocked to learn that Dr Bailey is married.  However, he tries to talk her round and later in the week she takes a chance by going to the surgery and kissing him.

Holly nags Cain to teach her how to throw a punch and accidentally punches him in the face. She enjoys having banter with Cain and Moira’s delighted Holly has decided to stay. But why is she staying?

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