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Emmerdale Spoilers: Has Charity stitched Holly up?

Welcome to our regular look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week.

Last week saw the dramatic return of Holly Barton….and her drug dealing ex-boyfriend! Eric was acting bizarrely and Ashley couldn’t remember his wedding day.

Read on to find out what’s happening this week in our favourite sleepy Yorkshire village.

Has Charity stitched Holly up?

Holly promises her drug dealer, Dean that she’ll get him the money by the end of the day.  She gets in position in the pub ready to carry out her and Charity’s plan and soon the fire alarm goes off and the pub is evacuated.  As Holly heads to the cellar she is surprised to be met by her mum Moira.  Has Charity stitched her up?

Moira tells Adam that Holly has been on the drugs again and that she has had to pay off her dealer to get him off Holly’s back.  Moira arranges for Holly to work at the garage to pay back her debts and she’s not happy when Cain tells her she’ll be car washing.

Holly apologises to Moira and insists she wants to stay clean and have nothing more to do with Dean.  As she watches Charity drive off, Moira formulates a plan.  Later, Charity’s caught off guard when Moira makes a proposition;  she’ll let Charity and Ross use the barn.

Cain is fuming and starts his own plan in motion.  He tricks Holly and locks her in the back of the van, forcing her to call Dean.  On a secluded road they soon meet Dean and Cain offers him a deal to stay away from Holly for good.  It doesn’t look like things have gone to plan when Cain attacks Dean’s henchman and Dean drives off.  Has Cain got a back up scheme?

Cain drops Holly at a bus stop and tells her to go and never come back, but she has him over a barrel when she threatens to tell Moira what happened between them.  Is it enough to stop Cain from sending her on her way?

David is worried he might have cancer

Dr Bailey & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Eric’s erratic behaviour of late, comes to head when he bursts in on a B&B guest to use their bathroom.  When David tries to confront him about it, he gets up and runs to the toilet.   David tells him he needs to go and get checked out by the doctors, but Eric’s having none of it.

David googles the symptoms and is worried that his dad might have prostate cancer.  He manages to persuade a nervous Eric to go see the doctor, on the condition that he will go and get himself checked too.

Later, Leyla catches David trying to take a photo down his trousers and he admits that the doctor found a lump and there’s a concern it could be cancer.  Unbeknownst to them, Jacob is listening in and jumps to the wrong conclusion, leaving David no choice but to be upfront with him.

Belle falls for an older man

Belle Dingle & Dr Bailey, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Rishi considers buying Lisa’s home and is shown around by Belle, who tries to sabotage the sale by inventing issues that don’t exist.  When Lisa arrives, she instantly sees what Belle is doing and isn’t happy.  Back at the factory, Joanie tells Belle she needs to grow up and help her mum.  It seems like she may have taken these words to heart later in the week.

Belle makes such an impression on Rishi at work that he offers to take her to a trade show and suggests she become trainee factory manager, alongside doing her coursework.  Unfortunately, Belle cuts her hand on a piece of glass but is quite taken with Dr Bailey who arrives to see to her wound.  So much so, that she implies that she exaggerates her importance at the factory and skirts around her age.  There’s clearly an attraction between the pair and Belle considers going on a date with him.

Chrissie and Andy are rumbled?

Chrissie White & Andy Sugden, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Unaware of Andy and Chrissie’s secret relationship, Victoria plays matchmaker between Andy and Tracy at her birthday party in The Woolpack.  With the drinking games in full flow, it’s not long before Tracy has leapt on to Andy’s lap, just at the moment that Chrissie walks in.

It seems that the encounter hasn’t dampened Chrissie’s enthusiasm as the pair meet later in the week in the office at Home Farm and it’s not long before they are stripping off.  It looks like they may have been sprung when they are caught redressing by Bernice.  Will she put two and two together or will they manage to throw her off the scent?


Dan, Cain and Adam Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Kerry is embracing April Fool’s Day with a prank on Dan, but it looks like it’s backfired when she sees Cain punching him and then Dan quits his job.

Laurel confides in Harriet that she’s worried Ashley has lost his faith.  Harriet contemplates taking over from Ashley as the village vicar again.

Marlon is struggling to accept that Leo will be moving to Germany for six months with Rhona and Paddy.  Meanwhile, Rhona is adamant that her and Paddy should be open with each other, so why is she checking his texts?

When Chas realises her drawers have been ransacked, it’s Noah who tells her it was Aaron’s half sister, Liv who is the culprit.  It seems she’s also causing trouble in David’s shop, with Aaron catching her in the act.  He decides Liv is going to stay with him and she’s conflicted when Gordon texts her.  She later records an incriminating conversation between Robert and Aaron, but for what purpose?

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