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Emmerdale Spoilers: Sisters at war

What an explosive week it was on Emmerdale last week!  We have to confess we found the early episodes a bit on the farfetched side (would Aaron really have put Lachy in the boot of his car?  Is Emma really Kathy Bates?) but the crash scene was truly amazing and the tease of who was going to die had us guessing right until the reveal.

But what’s happening with our other favourite villagers in the aftermath of the shock accident last week?  Well it’s families at war for The Whites, Cain and Charity leave the village and Kerry throws a Halloween party.

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Sisters at war

Rebecca pleads with Lachy not to reveal to Chrissie that she had an affair with Robert and he seems to think she is genuine.  Later, Rebecca chats to Chrissie, trying to get her to reveal that she’s not Lawrence’s natural daughter but failing.  In a rage, Rebecca rips up a birthday card which Lachlan finds and realises she’s been lying to him.

Lachy publicly tells his Mum that Rebecca was sleeping with Robert and the sisters fight and argue with Rebecca pointing out they aren’t actually sisters.  Chrissie panics that her secret is out and is worried about her inheritance and plots how to stop Rebecca ruining her future.

Meanwhile, Ronnie convinces Lawrence not to tamper with DNA results and he hands them to Rebecca who is pleased to see she is Lawrence’s natural daughter; Chrissie is clearly envious.

Rebecca announces she wants to work for the family business, leaving Chrissie to tell Lawrence to get rid of her but he won’t take sides.  He later tells Chrissie that he’s made her and Rebecca co-managers of the business.  Chrissie is fuming!

Will Charity and Cain leave?

Chairty, Cain & The Dingles, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Cain starts the week with a visit from the police and it seems that Moira comes to his defense, but does Cain already have an alibi?  As the police are sent on their way, Cain thanks Moira for standing up for him but his hopes that she might want him back are dashed when she tells him to hurry up and go.  He returns to The Woolpack and tells Charity they should leave sooner than planned and she couldn’t be happier.

Noah is struggling with Charity and confides in Liv that he doesn’t want to go with her and later tells Charity that he is going to live with Moira.  It doesn’t look like he cleared that with her first as Moira is left stunned when he bursts in and announces he’s living with her.  As Charity and Cain say their goodbyes, Noah tells his mum he never wants to see her again.  Charity’s week gets worse when she hands Moses over to Ross and seems genuinely torn.  As her and Cain drive out of the village, they stop on a country road and Charity’s world falls apart; Cain refuses to leave with her.
As Cain walks away, Charity drives off in a bad way.  Later, we see the car poised to go over the edge of a cliff.

Zak’s surprised to see Cain back and Chas can’t believe he and Charity have split. Cain’s alarmed when the police arrive with news his car is at the bottom of a lake. He thinks Charity’s just acting up but the others fear the worst..

Frank tries to woo Megan

Vanessa Woodfield, Tracy & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
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Frank offers to look after his grandson whilst Vanessa sees to an emergency but does he have an ulterior motive?  He’s soon lined up a play date with Megan and Eliza but how will Vanessa feel when she finds out?

Tracy and David return home from honeymoon and accidentally volunteer to have Frank stay with them.


Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale
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Kerry plans a Halloween party with Bernice and is planning to make Dan jealous however before that she ends up with a carved pumpkin stuck on her head and the atmosphere with Dan seems to be thawing.

Joanie and Lisa are at loggerheads and it causes Lisa to have a funny turn.  Zak is very attentive to Lisa and Joanie has a touch of the green-eyed monster.

Rakesh suggest relaunching Granny Clegg’s cordial with an online video but Jai gets tetchy, leaving Priya to make the decision.

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