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Emmerdale Spoilers: A close call for Paddy and Tess

With Aaron’s shock revelation thick in the air, just what is going to happen in Emmerdale this week?  Read on to find out more…

A close call for Paddy and Tess

Paddy has the green eyed monster over Marlon’s interest in Tess and feels hypocritical warning him off, reminding him she is married.  Later, he awkwardly asks a frosty Tess if she is interested in Marlon and she reveals she was hurt over his accusation that she tried to ruin things with the social worker.  When a vet conference comes up, the pair arrange a night in a hotel together, both excited about their secret rendezvous.

Meanwhile, Rhona finds out that her and Paddy got through to the panel stage of adoption and calls him to tell him the good news, unknowingly interrupting him and Tess. Vanessa tells Rhona to go and surprise Paddy at the conference.  As Tess returns to the hotel room, she finds Paddy packing and he tells her it has to be over between them now and that he must go see Rhona.  Little does he know that Rhona has arrived in reception and is heading to his room.

In a panic, Paddy forces Tess into the bathroom as Rhona invites herself in to their room and suggests they go for lunch to celebrate their news.  Paddy agrees trying to get Rhona out of the room before telling Tess to go but they are not getting away with it that easily!  Rhona spots Tess in the hotel restaurant and invites her to have champagne with them.  Tess accepts and clearly peeved at the situation, Paddy is scared she’s going to reveal all, but will she?

Laurel’s baby shock

Laurel Potts, Emmerdale
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As Laurel and Ashley prepare to move into Debbie’s old place, they are soon reminded of Ashley’s condition.  Laurel falls from a ladder and is stunned when Emma suggests she might be pregnant after checking her blood pressure.  Laurel starts to ponder whether she can look after both a new baby and Ashley.

She tells Ashley that she doesn’t want the baby, blaming her previous drink problem, but Ashley is adamant she can’t terminate it.  She confides in Nicola that actually she doesn’t want to give up the baby but feels she has to because of Ashley’s illness.  Doug bluntly tells Ashley to put Laurel first and put his beliefs to one side.

Laurel tells Ashley the doctor has advised her to allow herself more time to make a decision and has referred her for counselling. Laurel admits she’s not sure she’s doing the right thing and he tells her she can’t ignore her feelings and they are united. Later, Laurel comes downstairs after a shower and is scared as she tells Ashley she’s bleeding.

As they rush to hospital, Laurel blames herself and is concerned when the nurse can’t say for sure if she’s lost the baby.  Back home, Laurel is devastated and tells Doug she’s lost her baby.

Gordon dumps Chas

Aaron fears that Robert is doubting him and Robert thinks he’s lost Aaron as he walks away.  Meanwhile, it seems Robert’s warning has gotten to Gordon as he leaves Chas heartbroken when he dumps her, explaining that he can’t affect her relationship with Aaron.  He may be too late as Aaron feels a gap opening between him and Chas.

Chas tells Marlon she has someone else interested in the pub but who is the secret business partner?


Zak Dingle, Emmerdale
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As Lisa and Zak’s anniversary comes around, she takes revenge on an interfering Joanie.

Leyla moves in to David’s to look after Jacob whilst he heads to Portugal to sort things with Alicia much to the delight of Nikhil, but Jai is not so happy with the news.

Carly is also pleased David is going away as he asks her to mind the shop and she sees her opportunity to get rid of the stolen wine.

Noah’s stunned when he overhears Moira say Charity sold him when he was a baby. A tearful Noah later answers the phone to his mum and she realises she has her work cut out when he questions why she sold him. He sneaks out of the house with a backpack and Emma finds him walking on his own and is surprised by what he tells her.

Kirin isn’t coping being a young entrepreneur and a new father.  After a mishap at work he decides to take paternity leave but snubs Rakesh in favour of Rishi, who agrees to look after his business whilst he spends time with baby Johnny.


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