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Emmerdale Spoilers: Judgement Day for Chrissie

Can you believe that Chas stabbed Diane?  More on the fall out from that plus it’s Chrissie’s day in court for causing the explosion that led to the death of Val, Ruby and the helicopter driver.  Read on to find out what’s going down in Emmerdale this week.

Judgement Day for Chrissie…

Lachlan overhears Chrissie telling Lawrence that Robert’s testimony could potentially sway the jury as she worries about her appearance in court over the helicopter crash.  He decides to beg Robert to help his mum and it seems his heartfelt plea may have worked.

Gabby is frustrated when Bernice tells her she can’t borrow a necklace because she lent it to Val, so she asks Eric if she can look through Val’s things and get the necklace back.  Eric is furious and refuses, leading Gabby to suggest to Lachlan that they could both break in and get the necklace back.

Later, Robert wishes Chrissie luck, admitting it was Lachlan who convinced him to speak up for her in court.

…and Pollard angrily awaits the verdict!

Eric Pollard, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, David dreads to think what Pollard will do if Chrissie is cleared and is left worried when Leyla reveals no one has seen him. Fearing he might have hurt himself, they break in and are horrified to find his shrine to Val. David urges his father to see life needs to go on but Pollard refuses to listen ordering him to leave. David handcuffs himself to the bannister in protest but is soon thwarted by Pollard. He insists if Chrissie doesn’t get justice, he’ll serve her his own punishment. Unable to get free, David awakes the next day in a panic. Nikhil arrives and finds David padlocked but as Eric has already headed to court are they too late?

At the courthouse, Chrissie is found not guilty and an incensed Eric sets to wreak his revenge only to get himself arrested!  Lachlan is furious with Eric and tells Gabby they’re breaking in to his place that very night.  Once inside, he steals Val’s ring and Gaby takes Bernice’s necklace but Lachy isn’t done there.

Eric returns to see his shrine to Val wrecked and is left angry and upset when he discovers her engagement ring has also been stolen. He rages at David thinking he’s responsible. David’s heartbroken as Pollard boards up his house, vowing that no one will touch anything of Val’s ever again. Gabby challenges Lachlan over Val’s engagement ring and threatens to tell the police but can he tempt her to keep quiet?

As David struggles to get through to his dad, he thinks there’s only one thing he can do and that’s track down Val’s ring and get it back.  Where will he start?

Chas and Diane both receive health news

Chas Dingle, Diane Sugden & Victoria Barton, Emmerdale
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Aaron starts the week worrying that the person who shot Robert could be the one that’s after his mum, Chas.  When he questions Robert, he soon has reason to believe that Robert knows who his shooter actually was.  Aaron starts to suspect that Chas’ stalker is all in her head.

Chas goes to see Diane in hospital and is kicked out by Victoria after Diane seems upset by her appearance.  Chas is scared and upset as she curls up on her own in the empty farm and when she awakens later, she is greeted with a disturbing sight.  Freaked out she runs terrified from the house convinced that Robert is after her.  She heads into the woods in a complete panic and on hearing a gun shot sound and voices, she falls and knocks herself out.

Meanwhile, a worried Cain and Aaron start to think Chas is harming herself and Emma suggests she could have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Once Chas is found, it is indeed confirmed that she has PTSD.  When Diane hears the news she can’t help but think it’s a lie made up by the Dingle clan to protect one of their own.  Soon tensions are rising when Doug publically airs his doubts over Chas’ PTSD and gets it in the neck from Aaron in the process, leaving Robert to step in and take advantage of the situation.

Diane puts on a brave face when she’s given some devastating news and has to undergo treatment.


Tess & Paddy Kirk, Emmerdale
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Paddy offers Tess a friendly ear and she unburdens her marriage problems on him and soon the pair are doing more than talking.  Later in the week, Tess has some big news for Paddy.

David opens his refurbished shop with some fizz.

Adam is delighted to hear that Johnny could be home by Christmas, but Vanessa seems uneasy.

Jimmy tries to recreate a previous date for a special night out with Nicola.  Will it go down well?

Dan and Ameila make amends with Kerry after teasing her about her eye patch, showing their love and support by donning patches themselves.

Nikhil offers to take Megan to the hospital only for Jai to see the pair together and he berates his brother for having anything to do with her.  Priya gets suspicious by Nikhil’s behavior.

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