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Emmerdale Spoilers: Eric bans Diane from Val’s funeral

Well we didn’t see that coming?  Ross isn’t dead at all and we for one are cheering from the rooftops!  Enough about him, what is in store this week for our favourite fictional Yorkshire village?  Read on to find out…

Eric bans Diane from Val’s funeral

When Diane pops in on Eric, she finds his house empty and a complete state.  Trying to help, she sets to cleaning up the mess including Val’s lipstick stained cup.  Later, Eric is furious to see that Diane has washed the cup and tells her that as she left Val to die she has no right to be at her funeral.  Diane is left distraught.

As friends and family worry about Eric, Diane decides to try to talk to him and clear the air, but Pollard continues to blame her for Val’s death and for a moment it looks like he might not even turn up to the funeral himself.  As the stage is set for the very unconventional funeral, an emotional Eric turns up, but is he there to stay?

Val’s son Paul offers Alicia a co-managing role at his bar in Portugal, but she’s worried the timing is wrong with David needing to be there for Eric.  As David worries that Eric might do something stupid, Paul says he has a drastic plan.

Lawrence is accused of assault

Lawrence White, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

When Bernice puts Robert in his place, Lawrence is impressed and the pair are soon sharing a good bottle of wine.  Bernice is over the moon when Lawrence invites her to an exclusive ball, thinking he must be keen.

A mystery man called Connor turns up in the village asking for directions to Home Farm.  When he arrives there, he kicks a stable door off its hinges before regaining his cool and heading to the house.  Lawrence is wary when Connor introduces himself as an odd job man who had heard about Lawrence’s Enterprise Awards and wants to impress him with his can-do attitude.

Lawrence rings Bernice to invite her for lunch, but then Connor arrives bruised and battered at Home Farm telling Lawrence he’s been gay bashed.  Lawrence immediately takes pity on him and offers to clean him up.  Connor leaves a blooded tissue in the waste bin as Lawrence offers him some cash when he says he’s skint.

When Bernice arrives for lunch, she steers the conversation to Lawrence’s sexuality, but before she gets an answer the police arrive with accusations that Lawrence assaulted Connor.  Lawrence is horrified and then overcome when later Robert says he believes he didn’t do it and vows to help him.

Will Lawrence accept Robert’s offer of help and is it genuine?  As Lawrence is asked to go to the police station to go over evidence, things aren’t looking too good.  Could Robert’s intervention bring about a change of circumstances for him?

Andy to uncover the truth about Katie’s death?

Aaron Livesy & Andy Sugden, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Aaron feels guilty as he hears Andy telling Chas that the barn where Katie died has been sold and that he’ll probably never know why she went there that day.  Later on, Aaron tries to comfort Andy (and ease his own conscience) but Andy makes it clear that he can’t forgive Aaron for not telling the truth about his affair with Robert.  He believes that if Aaron had told the truth Katie might still be alive.

Chas steps in to be the peacemaker telling Andy that both him and Aaron could use a friend right now and soon Andy is offering an olive branch.  However, the peace could be short lived as Andy finds Katie’s final phone bill and decides to call the last number Katie dialled before she died.

Meanwhile, Robert can’t help but tease Aaron over his new friendship with Andy and it’s all too much for Aaron who announces he’s heading to London for a while, leaving Chas to worry what’s really going on.


Dan, Kerry & Ameila Spencer, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Poor Dan loses his eyebrows at the hands of Kerry and Ameila right before a big college presentation.

Emma and James announce their rekindled relationship to an underwhelming response.

Hunter is brought back to life by Rodney and has Jimmy very interested, even stepping in for Rodney when he’s running late for a client.  At first Jimmy is having a ball but an unexpected turn means that both Jimmy and Rodney (and Hunter!) get more than they bargained for.

Harriet is panicking about finding Carly but it looks like fate might have dealt her a helping hand when she agrees to look after April.

Belle is delighted when Kirin compliments her and tells her he’s over Vanessa.  Meanwhile, Leyla and Vanessa have a heart-to-heart where it is obvious that Vanessa is still in love with Kirin, but will she act upon it?

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