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10 things we want from Glee next season

Glee’s fourth season marked a change for the show as the plots were split between the Glee club at McKinley High and Rachel, Kurt and Santana’s adventures in New York.

Whilst fan opinion appeared to be split about the new format of the show, we think it reinvigorated it making for the best season since the show debuted. Of course it wasn’t without its problems but no show really enjoys plain sailing throughout an entire season.

If you haven’t seen the season four finale then stop reading now so we don’t spoil it for you.

We’ve been thinking about what we want from the show’s upcoming fifth season and we’ve compiled the Top 10 things we want to see when the show returns.

1. More Rachel, Kurt and Santana. We don’t feel that season four gave us enough of our three favourite characters. Their new adventures in New York gave the show a new lease of life so we want to see more of that in season five. Also we desperately want to know if Rachel got the lead role in Funny Girl. We have our fingers crossed.

2. Blaine and Kurt to not get engaged. In the fourth season finale Blaine was preparing to pop the question but we think it’s a mistake. Sure the two characters are meant to be together but they are too young to get married. We feel like we’ve been here before with Finn and Rachel. We also think the guys need to get reacquainted as they spent much of season four apart.

3. Decent reasons for former regular characters to return. Whilst it was nice to see Quinn, Puck, Mike and Mercedes pop-up it felt like they didn’t really have reasons to be there. Surely Mercedes could move to New York to pursue her singing career and join Rachel and co?

4. Plots to be fully realised. Something Glee has always been guilty of is beginning a storyline that isn’t really ever explored or concluded. In season four we had two really good examples; Marley’s eating disorder and Blaine’s crush on Sam. Whilst both plots had great promise neither was really dealt with and everything moved on very quickly. Come on Glee, take your time to tell stories rather than planting ideas and moving on.

5. Ryder to stay in Glee club. At the end of the last season Ryder announced he was quitting following the unveiling of Unique as his catfish. The two did share a hug in the season finale so we hope they can repair their friendship and move on. Whilst what Unique did was wrong you have to have some sympathy for how difficult it was for her too.

6. More Sue Sylvester. We all know that Jane Lynch is the show’s scene-stealer but she was criminally under-used last season. We expect her to make a comeback to McKinley in season five and maybe have a real showdown with Coach Washington who has taken her place. Also there’s the whole issue of what Becky did to be resolved.

7. No more characters disappearing for long stretches. We’re not surprised that Vanessa Lengies who plays Suga has departed the show for new ventures. She, like Samuel Larsen, appear to just vanish for weeks at a time with no explanation, then pop up when required. Surely if they’re part of the Glee club they should be there every week? After a bit of development for Samuel’s Joe in season three he really does deserve to be given more to do.

8. More singing from Mr Schue. We miss the earlier seasons when Mr Schue aka Matthew Morrison used to show the kids how it’s done. He was absent for part of season four but we didn’t have nearly enough songs from him when he was present. Where’s the rapping and the dancing that we love him for?

9. Finchel. We all know that Finn and Rachel should be together and they shared some touching moments last season. Now Brody’s out the way (although we’d like to see him return) surely the path is paved for a proper romantic reunion for these two?

10. More storylines for the new characters. We love Kitty, Marley, Jake, Unique and Ryder so we hope they take more central roles next season. In theory Artie, Tina, Sam, Brittany and Blaine will all be graduating at the end of the season (or some point in the season as time seems to change depending on the storyline’s needs) so we need them to take the mantle to carry on Glee club for the already announced sixth season.

Do you agree with our list? Leave your comments in the usual place and let us know what you want from the next season of Glee.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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