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Defiance coming to Blu-ray & DVD in July

Epic new fantasy drama Defiance will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 15th July.

The show, the first original TV series to air on SyFy since Battlestar Galactica, stars Grant Bowler (True Blood), Jaime Murray (Hustle), Julie Benz (Dexter) and Stephanie Leonidas (Whitechapel). The first season combines the scope of a sci-fi blockbusters with the initmacy of a small-town drama.

Defiance marks the first time television and online gaming have converged.

The synopsis for the first season is:

Set in the near future, this epic drama introduces a completely transformed planet Earth, inhabited by the survivors of a universal war. Forced to co-habitate, the disparate group struggles to build a new society among the devastation. At the centre of this world is Lawman Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler), who enlists the help of deputies and occasionally some civilians in the struggle to maintain law and order in the town and region. To survive in this unforgiving landscape, it will take strength. It will take will. It will take Defiance.

Extras on the release include deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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