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Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Series 3 Finale Recap

Welcome to our weekly look at what has been going on in the Werk Room and Main Stage of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Series 3.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Rupaul’s Drag Race, stop reading now.

We have reached the finale of the third series of Rupaul’s Drag Race and three queens remain to battle it out for the crown.

From the off, I felt like Krystal had a great chance of winning the whole series and she’s continued to be the queen of the catwalk, whilst developing her personality from a bit bitchy to someone that’s really grown on me. She is young (19) and perhaps her confidence was more bravado to start with; either way she has grown throughout the series, trying her best at comedy, dance and acting.

Kitty was a strong character from the start and felt instantly like the series narrator with her one liners and impressions (including Cilla and Nadine Coyle). She’s proven beyond a doubt that she’s got the comedy chops and choreography for days, but despite her looks improving, are they interesting enough to be the future of drag?

The final contender is Ella, who as well as being the season’s trade, has quietly gotten on with things and begun to peak at just the right time with her Nigella Lawson on Snatch Game and slaying the comedy roast challenge last week. She goes into the finale with the most Rupeter badges; a total of 4 versus 2 each for Kitty and Krystal.

Knowing Ru’s type, I would pick Krystal for the win, but with Ella storming these last few weeks and a dance number to learn this week, could she be walking away with crown? Maybe Kitty’s personality and wit will win over the judges? Let’s dive in…

Following Vanity’s elimination, the remaining three queens are on a high as they go back to the Werk Room. It’s not long before their series 3 sisters join them briefly for the usual banter and congratulations.

As we start the final week, the Werk Room is all decked out in Christmas finery. Ru entered to tell the final three that the challenge this week is to write and record lyrics for Ru’s Christmas track ‘Hey Sis, it’s Christmas’. They would also have to learn a dance routine and chat to Ru and Michelle to Spill the T.

Kitty was first up for the chat and she talked about the sewing challenge being her hardest week. She then went on to talk about having a positive outlook and that she believes in positive energy attracting positive energy.

Ella was next in and she spoke about how she is using her drag to reinvigorate her creativity and expand her craft. She also mentioned again how she tried to hide her gay side growing up.

Finally, Krystal spoke on her love of women’s fashion since she was young. She explained her deceased nan was Greek/Cypriot and how supportive she was and how she would be so proud of her.

The three queens regrouped for choreography and each looked solid in their own moves for their verses, but when it came to the joint choreography, Krystal struggled once more. As Kitty said though, she looks like she is struggling in rehearsals then comes out and nails it.

Getting ready for the performance, the three girls talked first impressions and there was a lot of love in the room. Kitty’s biggest highlight was meeting Baby Spice, Ella’s was winning Snatch Game and Krystal talked about her perfectionism, pushing and surprising herself in tasks like Dragaton.

On the main Stag, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and Graham Norton as the performance began. All three were on good form as they worked the Christmas decorated stage, lip-syncing to their own verses and joining up for the choruses. It was nice to see all the other series 3 queens join them on stage as a backing choir.

Next came the girls final runway presentation where the category was Final Three Eleganza Extravaganza. Ella was first up and looked like the purple one from Quality Streets; it wasn’t a great look for me.

Kitty served a southern belle puffed out skirt dress which again felt a bit muted for a finale. Krystal was last out and wore a slinky dark velvet number with puffy shoulders, massive cleavage and chains around her waist. The best look of the three but I was hoping for more from all of them.

The girls were asked to give advice to their younger selves and say why they should win.

Meanwhile, backstage the finalists were again joined by their fellow series 3 eliminated queens. Each queen would get to walk the runway one last time with Charity looking her usual gruesome self and Veronica basically going out virtually naked with her boy body – very odd!

As the girls were called back to the Main Stage, Ru declared her winner – watch below to find out:

Has it been the best series? No. Were there still highlights? Yes. For me some of the more interesting queens left too soon and the looks weren’t consistently up to standard from many of the queens. It’s a shame Victoria Scone went out due to injury as her first week looks got me excited, I would have also liked to see River stay in (I love Choriza but she alone deserved to go on that lip-sync) as it felt she was growing through the show.

Krystal is a worthy winner and will continue to develop her drag, whereas Ella and Kitty are already the finished package. Ella could well have a career in comedy up her sleeve, based on the roast and Kitty could perhaps revamp the Carry On film franchise? All three are nice girls and genuinely seemed to bond – good luck to them all for the future!

The finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Series 3 is currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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