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Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under Series 1 Episode 7 Recap

Welcome to our weekly look at what has been going on in the Werk Room and Main Stage of Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Rupaul’s Drag Race, stop reading now.

Last week saw the six remaining queens welcoming rugby players into their drag families. Maxi and Scarlet found themselves lip-syncing and ultimately we said goodbye to Maxi.

With just five girls left and the finale looming, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Ru entered the Werk Room and told the girls they would be taking part in the first ever down under talent show. As the winner of last week’s maxi challenge Kita would be in charge of the running order.

It didn’t take long for Scarlet to request the last slot in the show, but then later Elektra also told Kita about her interest in that slot. Kita stayed true to her Kiwi pal and when the running order was revealed, Scarlet was fourth and Elektra followed as the final performer. There has been something of a rivalry with the two dancing queens, so this was going to be interesting.

Ru came back in to the Werk Room and he brought a friend with him – Raven! The make up artist looked absolutely stunning in a figure hugging royal blue dress, red bobbed wig and a beat that was perfection. In fact I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen her. All the queens took it in turns to come and chat to the pair and reveal what their talent for the show would be.

Elektra explained she would be doing a contemporary dance number and then flirted outrageously with Raven! Scarlet would also be doing a dance number but her’s involved a pole. Art was quite cryptic but eluded to putting things in her oversized mouth and then realised Ru hates watching people eat. Kita also played to one of Ru’s least favourite things; a magic act. Raven gave her some advice on self-confidence. Karen would be doing balloon animals, which led Ru and Raven to tell her to think about vamping things up and not always delivering the same character.

On the Main Stage this week, it was just Ru, Michelle and Rhys who took their seats for the show. Karen was first up and she wore a slightly domantrix outfit and made a poodle from a long black balloon all to a slightly cheeky, comedy backing track. It was great to see her serving something different but it was all over rather too soon.

Following Karen was Art who had three silver closhes on a table. She lifted the first to reveal a small tart, which she then pushed into her mouth in one go. Lifting the next closh she uncovered a pile of lamingtons and popped one of the square, sponge treats into her mouth. I thought she was going to put more in but ended up just throwing the others away. Finally, she lifted the lid of the final closh and there was nothing there so she put her whole first in her mouth. Odd, very odd.

Kita was next up and she walked the stage in quite a kitsch outfit and pranced around for a little too long before doing the first of about four outfit reveals. Girl’s got talent but perhaps the outfits were a little underwhelming.

Scarlet was fourth and wowed instantly with her skimpy outfit and pole dancing routine. It had the judges gagging and perhaps a little titillated. I wasn’t the only one surprised she kept her tuck in place.

Elektra finished the talent show with a Sia-style contemporary dance number. Unfortunately her outfit was a bit simple and the wig thirsty. However, she did put on a good dance number, I’m just not sure it worked on a drag show? Needed more glitz or humour perhaps.

On the runway the category was How’s Your Head…Piece? and I have to say it’s the best of the series so far. Karen had a massive poodle on her head and looked surprisingly glamourous in a figure hugging pink and nude dress. Art had flapping (mechanical) butterflies on her head piece which included moss as hair and made her look like something from a Midsummer Night’s Dream when paired with her sheer, structured dress.

Kita gave Alien club kid with LED hair and white contact lenses; Scarlet wore a feathered headdress giving us full Las Vegas Showgirl. Finally, Elektra had a Liza in ‘Cabaret’ look complete with the swing attached to her head piece.

As the queens received their critiques in turn it was clear that the winner this week was between Scarlet and Art. But there was a twist as Ru asked each queen in turn who should go home. This made for awkward viewing as they all chose Elektra. As the last girl in line, she then chose Art.

As the judges deliberated, the girls returned to the Werk Room and Kita had to explain to Elektra why she chose her. They were interupted by a video call from The Veronicas and Kita breathed a sigh of relief. However, they wanted to dig for dirt and soon it was back to who was in the bottom two!

As the girls returned to the runway, Ru wasted no time crowning Scarlet this week’s winner and then putting Elektra bottom two. She then teased us by saying a line about Karen, then Art, then Kita before telling the latter she would be lip-syncing. The two Kiwi queens would be facing off!

As The Veronica’s hit ‘Untouched’ started up Elektra looked like she couldn’t go through with it and started walking towards the back of the stage, but suddenly turned and started lip-syncing – pysche! Kita’s outfit meant that she was probably restricted in terms of movement but she was giving it all she had from a fairly static position. Elektra looked quite angry as she walked about emoting but it just wasn’t connecting. By the end of the song she had started to add in some of her usual gymnastic flair but it was too little too late. Kita was asked to stay and Elektra sent home.

I do love Elektra and have enjoyed the growth she’s enjoyed on the show, but I do think Kita deserved the win and to be in the final.

Next week one of the final four – Art, Kita, Karen and Scarlet – will be crowned the first ever Down Under’s Drag Superstar, but who will it be? I think if Art wins there will be outrage so I’m ruling her out straight away. Karen probably went in the favourite, but hasn’t really delivered so I don’t think she will win either. Kita is the fan choice and the most likable queen of the series, but feels perhaps a little too campy for Ru’s tastes, therefore my money is on Scarlet winning. She has the young, cocky, edgy, fashion-forward attitude that Ru seems to love.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under is on BBC Three every SundayWatch on iPlayer.

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