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‘Drone Swarm’ Set For Release in October

Drone Swarm is a new take on the RTS genre developed by SillAlive and published by Astragon. What makes this title stand out from the rest of the field are the tools you are given to play the game. There are 32,000 of them and they’re all drones.

You will play the role of Captain Carter and armed with the power of 32,000 drones you to keep your mothership, the Argo, safe from alien attacks. As you get to grips with controlling the swarm you’ll be able to create defensive shields whilst looking for the perfect time to counter-attack.

Enemies will have various attributes making each a unique challenge. Some will be quick and agile, some will have powerful shields whilst others will employ secret and devastating attacks in their attempt to take out your ship.

As you progress there will be upgrade options for your mothership and drones giving you more advanced capabilities and giving you more tactics to employ.

Drone Swarm will be out for PC on 20th October 2020, if you want to check it out before then there is a free demo available on Steam.

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