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Ray Donovan 7×04 Hispes recap

In the latest episode of Ray Donovan, Ray (Liev Schreiber) tried to help Ferrati (Zach Grenier) finish his deal.

If you’re not up to date with Ray Donovan and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with Bunchy (Dash Mihok) still at the hospital. He was checking in on the teenager he shot and tried to apologise to the mother. Understandably she was in no mood for an apology and lashed out at an equally upset Bunchy. Security separated them and one of them gave Bunchy a business card to a meeting of the Knights of Manhattan. He later attended the meeting and found a group of racists who seemed threatened by anyone who isn’t white. Bunchy didn’t look comfortable there and hopefully he doesn’t get caught up in it.

Ray Donovan - 7x04
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After giving away the photo of Kevin Sullivan last episode, Ray found his office tossed by the cops. They did the same to Molly Sullivan’s (Kerry Condon) apartment but didn’t find the photo as it was now with Kevin. Ray told Molly he’d sort it and went to see Ferrati who requested a payment of $9 million from Kevin’s father for their deal to pass.

Meanwhile, Daryll (Pooch Hall) was getting friendly with his neighbour Jasmine (Keren Dukes). They were interrupted by his mother Claudette (Sheryl Lee Ralph) who had bought him a ticket to return home with her. Claudette’s husband, Alan (Paul Michael Glaser), also had a job offer for Daryll and he was very tempted to leave. He sought the advice of Bunchy, which didn’t help, but something else cropped up that might make the decision for him.

That something was his father Mickey (Jon Voight) who didn’t really leave the country for the Maldives. He called Sandy (Sandy Martin) with his latest get rich quick scheme which involved tricking people into renting out houses that they had taken photos of.

Ray Donovan - 7x04
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Before Sandy could get involved she had a job to do for Ray first. This involved going to retrieve an item from a lock box which belonged to Jim Sullivan. She retrieved the item, a bag containing money, and also took a familiar looking gold coin. Opening the box set off an alert but Ray had expected it and was able to get the bag from Sandy before she was searched. Ray took the money to Ferrati so he could move forward on his deal.

Sandy met up with Mickey and showed him the gold coin that she found. It seems that the coin was from the heist that Mickey did with Sullivan back in 1977. It was the reason Mickey first went to prison and the coin proved that Sullivan had screwed him over. Mickey was excited by the coin and took it to Claudette with the promise of the life they used to dream of. She didn’t want Mickey to get Daryll involved and when he ignored her she made a call to Detective Perry (Quincy Tyler Bernstine).

Elsewhere in the episode, Terry (Eddie Marsan) tried to persevere at the healing group that Liberty (Louisa Krause) took him to. Not seeing any results or improvements frustrated Terry. Things turned worse when he stumbled upon a naked Liberty who offered to sleep with him. Terry took her up on the offer but found himself impotent which upset him further. After talking again to the shaman, Terry took a walk, filled his pockets with rocks and began walking into a lake. He changed his mind when a woman named Dolores (Lois Smith) talked him down. He then appeared to leave group to head back home.

Ray Donovan - 7x04
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With Ray busy sorting out business for the mayor, he was too busy to help Adam Rain (Michael Esper) with a situation involving Jonathan Walker Hanson (Clay Hollander). Hanson was all over the news after infecting several women with herpes. Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) stepped up and took Smitty (Graham Rogers) along to help. She had Hanson and Smitty swap clothes and wear wigs so they looked like each other. They then used Smitty as a decoy so that Hanson could escape the recording studio unnoticed. Bridget suggested that Hanson put out a statement and he used an idea that Smitty came up with to refer to his herpes as hispes to show he wasn’t sexist and took responsibility.

At the end of the episode, Ray went to update Molly. She asked him to stay for a drink and confessed that she likes him. The pair kissed and while Ray seems happy, things just got a lot more complicated.

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Ray Donovan season 7 episodes air Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime in the US and Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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