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Iron Harvest will be published by Deep Silver

King Art Games have announced that their forthcoming Steampunk WW1 RTS Iron Harvest will be published by Deep Silver. Previously, Deep Silver have brought Metro, Saints Row and Dead Island to market. They also have experience with crowdfunded games such as the amazing Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The King Art website states:

“Deep Silver are mostly known for publishing the Metro, Saint’s Row and Dead Island series. They’ve also proven that they can support crowdfunded games with such hits as Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Wasteland 2 and Pathfinder: Kingmaker.”

You can view some Alpha footage of Iron Harvest in the video below:

“We agreed with Deep Silver that KING Art will retain total creative control. Deep Silver have also committed themselves to help with things like production, first party relations e.g. so we can concentrate to fulfill all of our promises towards you. With their support, more content, potentially more platforms and even a level editor are now on the horizon (see below).”

“We both agree that Iron Harvest is a great opportunity to make a mark on the RTS genre and to release something special. We’re super happy to have found a team that is so committed to the project!”

Iron Harvest managed to raise $1.2 million from over 16,000 backers so there is certainly a lot of interest out there for this game.

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