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Now Apocalypse 1×04 The Downward Spiral recap

Uly (Avan Jogia) found something to keep him occupied after being ghosted by Gabriel (Tyler Posey) again on the latest episode of Now Apocalypse.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Now Apocalypse, stop reading this article now.

Last week’s episode saw Uly wake up in the night to a text message from Gabriel asking to meeting him. Turns out Gabriel never gave a location and once again completely dropped off the radar. Frustrated with the situation, Uly sought advice from Carly (Kelli Berglund) and attempted to get over Gabriel by getting under hot delivery guy T (Greg Audino).

After basking in the afterglow of their unexpected sex, Uly was surprised to learn his conquest was a ‘straight’ married son of a pastor. T reassured Uly that he doesn’t sleep with a lot of guys and told him his wife knows nothing about his down-low activities. An excited Uly called Carly while he was working later that night to tell her all the details but had to cut the call short when he heard strange noises.

Leaving his post to investigate, Uly found the homeless woman he’d caught having sex in a car seemingly defecating on the floor. When he went to investigate, what he found was alarming and pretty expansive.

Carly meanwhile had the audition from hell with a casting director that was dissatisfied with everything she did. Following that experience she continued to interview potential new housemates but she didn’t have much luck on that front either.

Now Apocalypse 1x04

Returning to her sex cam work, Carly agreed to pee herself in a bath live on camera so one of her clients could watch her. She also berated another for the size of his penis and lay half naked and still, while another masturbated.

Ford (Beau Mirchoff) was still upset by Severine (Roxane Mesquida) sleeping with her ex so he dragged Uly to a support group for men, unfortunately named ‘Circle Jerk’. Once there Ford opened up about his frustrations with his relationship and was convinced to be honest with Severine and tell her how he feels.

That night, with his new sponsor on FaceTime, Ford told Severine that he didn’t want to own her but was also upset by her actions. She agreed that they would only sleep with other people if they were both involved. Ford was happy with that solution and tried to show his appreciation by offering her sex in bed.

Severine rebuffed his advances but gave him a handjob instead. As she tried to go to sleep, Ford woke her up after getting an offer to go to Palm Springs from Barnabus (Kevin Daniels). He invited Severine, Uly and Carly to join him.

One other moment of note from the episode was Severine exchanging glances with an unknown man through the blinds of her apartment and looking very, very worried. What’s that all about?

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