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All you need to know about Fortnite season 8

Fortnite season 8 is now live and a dangerous looking volcano has appeared. After escaping the Ice King’s castle the Prisoner has brought fire and flame to Fortnite. There are loads of new fighters available including Pirates and Ninjas plus the new locations Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps to explore.

fortnite s8
Credit: Epic Games

If you managed to complete all 13 free Overtime Challenges during the Share the Love event you’ll be able to claim your free Season 8 Battle Pass or upgrade to a Battle Bundle for a discounted price.

The season 8 Battle Pass brings over 100 new rewards ready for you to unlock. This season, you get the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits instantly when you purchase the Battle Pass, both of which can level-up to unlock new styles.

fortnite s8
Credit: Epic Games

A new feature to season 8 is the party assist function. Before a match, you can pick a daily or weekly challenge and hopefully get help from your teammates to complete it.

The Hero loadout has also been overhauled allowing you to customise your gameplay mixing up perks for each hero. You can choose a Commander, five support team members and one team perk to tailor how your team plays.

There are also 8 new quests which upon completion will reward you with more heroes to add to your roster.

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