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Naomi Osaka Serves Her Way Into ‘Fortnite’

If you’re a gamer, then you’ve no doubt heard of the popular game ‘Fortnite’. The title has taken the world by storm, and now some of the biggest names in sports are getting in on the action. Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is the latest to join Fortnite’s Icon Series, previously known as Creator Collab Series. Naomi Osaka officially joined the Fortnite roster on March 3rd.

Naomi Osaka is just one of the many athletes that have been transported into Fortnite. Others like Lebron James, Harry Kane, Neymar Jr., and Marco Reus have already been included in Fortnite.

Naomi Osaka is technically the first tennis player to be introduced into ‘Fortnite’. While there are other skins based around the sport and even one that references Serena Williams, Naomi is the first to have her likeness added. This is an amazing achievement to have.

Fortnite Icon Series

Fortnite’s Icon Series is a type of rarity in ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’. This rarity is reserved for real people or skins based on real people. The Icon Series currently has 24 costumes/skins/outfits that consist of celebrities, athletes, and influencers. With Naomi Osaka being the latest added to ‘Fortnite’ item shop. Other series like Marvel Series will contain only Marvel characters, same with the DC series.

Characters released in the Icon Series will also have various items associated with them as well. This includes things like back bling, gliders, emotes, and harvesting tools. For example, Naomi Osaka has a tennis racket as her pickaxe. The outfits in the Fortnite Icon Series also might have special animations associated with their respective items. Naomi Osaka has a special animation while opening her glider. I will go into detail a bit more below.

How To Play as Naomi Osaka

Players were able to unlock the Naomi Osaka skins for free if they participated in the Naomi Osaka Cup on March 2nd, 2022. If you earned enough points, by winning and eliminating other players, you would get all of these items for free.

However, If you happened to miss the event or didn’t earn enough points there is another way to get the Naomi Osaka skins. Players looking to add Naomi Osaka to your list of playable celebrities on your Fortnite account that missed the event will have to spend some of those precious V-Bucks.

Naomi Osaka and her items can be unlocked by purchasing the Naomi Osaka Bundle in the ‘Fortnite’ Item Shop. The bundle is constantly being rotated within the store. It currently costs 2,700 V-Bucks. However, if you just prefer the Naomi Osaka skin or Dark Priestess Naomi skin, then it will cost 2000 V-Bucks or 1600 V-Bucks respectively.

Naomi Osaka has been in the shop for a while now, however, most Icon Series outfits are only there for a limited time, but they usually make their way back in some form or another. So be sure to constantly watch the ‘Fortnite’ item shop if you want this outfit added to your ‘Fortnite’ account.

What Comes In The Naomi Osaka Bundle

The bundle comes with a lot of items, around the same amount most other bundles have. The Naomi Osaka bundle comes with 2 character skins, 2 gliders, 2 back blings, an emote, and pickaxes. The pickaxes are based on the outfit that is chosen.

Naomi Osaka Skin

The Naomi Osaka outfit features is a pink and blue kawaii-ish outfit. It is also slightly inspired by tennis attire. However, she also has long flowing pink hair, or pink and blue hair if you choose the alternate style. Her alternate style outfit also is pinker and whiter instead of pink and blue. Her racket (pickaxe) also emits a pink streak when swung. Her glider has a fantastic animation, where she performs a serve on a ball, which turns into a cloud and she rides it, looking like something out of Dragonball Z.

  • Naomi Osaka Outfit
  • Royale Racket (Pickaxe and Back Bling)
  • The Queen’s Cloudcarriage (Glider)
  • Court Queen Alt Style (Alternate Color)

Dark Priestess Naomi

The Dark Priestess Naomi outfit is inspired by her Haitian heritage. Her outfit is inspired by Voodoo and other themes of the prominent religions in Haiti. The Dark Priestess Naomi outfit features a unique garb mostly made up of the colors lime green and light red. She also sports face paint and a different hairstyle. Her Portalforger Paddle (pickaxe) now emits a green streak, giving off a more magical sense.

  • Dark Priestess Naomi Outfit
  • Portalforger Paddle (Pickaxe and Back Bling)
  • Cursed Hazeboard
  • Neon Priestess Alt Style (Alternate Color) 


Naomi Osaka is the latest in a long line of athletes to join Fortnite. The new bundle that she’s part of contains lots of cosmetic items for players to use in-game. If you missed your chance to get them for free, don’t worry – you can still pick them up, but it will cost you some V-Bucks. What do you think about Naomi joining Fortnite? Is this another sign that the game is becoming even more popular? Let us know in the comments!

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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