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PUBG to launch first European Pro league in January

PUBG Corp is launching it’s first pro European league in conjunction with StarLadder, the league will begin January 2019. The combined prize pool for the Pro league and Contenders League will be €1,000,000.

From January 16 teams will be competing in the league. There will be three phases throughout the season and teams will play in a specially designed LAN studio in one of the European capitals. PUBG Corp will be footing the bill for housing and travel support as well as offering up a share of the revenue from the league (more details to come in the future on this) Teams will be able to enter qualifiers from October until mid December 2018.

Take a look at the StarLadder / PUBG Showreel below:

Alex Nam, Head of EMEA Business, VP at PUBG Corp.:

“Taking the next step in our five year plan, the PUBG Europe League brings more consistency with regular matches from professional teams, bringing an increase in competitive matches for the fans and players of PUBG to get excited for and watch. The more matches on offer from the league will ensure teams are enhancing their skills and strategy over the course of the season, to result in matches with even more grandeur.”

“We are also very glad to have joined forces with StarLadder on this remarkable project. StarLadder has proven themselves as a reliable, innovative and highly motivated partner. We are expecting a great many exciting things coming out for this partnership.”

Roman Romantsov, StarLadder, CEO & Founder:

“PUBG is a great game with millions of loyal followers, even though it’s a young esports title. Having extensive experience in running and managing hundreds of tournaments over the years, StarLadder is proud to be an integral part of the PUBG development as a full-fledged sport with a real professional League. Broadcasting PUBG is a challenge, but we are ready for it. We are constantly striving to improve the viewer experience. We promise, you will be awed by our live production yet again.”

“We are very pleased by an opportunity to partner up with PUBG Corp. on their professional league in Europe. We are looking forward to great many years together as partners.”

Do you think your team has what it takes?!

For the full press release and details on how to register for the qualifiers check out the official site

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