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Blindspot 3×03 Upside Down Craft recap

Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers.

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In the latest episode of Blindspot, the team were tasked with tracking down a notorious hacking group known as the Three Blind Mice.

If you’re not up to date with Blindspot and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up at a posh event with Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) both in attendance. Despite being undercover, the pair spent time flirting while the rest of the team listened in. The operation led to the arrest of tycoon Kevin Loewe for a variety of charges including fraud and terrorism related activities.

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Back at the FBI, Director Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) needed the team to ensure the evidence against Loewe was sound. They had been led to him via a tattoo that was linked to a train derailment where people died. Evidence had shown that Loewe had made great profit by shorting stock in the train company and corresponded via email with an engineer to cause the crash.

Loewe’s laywer proposed that the whole thing was a setup against her client. She said he had been targeted by a hacker group known as the Three Blind Mice. Apparently the emails were planted and she wanted the FBI to pursue the group instead.

This led to an unexpected reveal that Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) were two of the members. I could believe that Rich would be involved but Patterson was a real surprise. Things became a little cleared when it turned out the hacks they performed were aimed at doing good and preventing corruption.

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The pair were working anonymously with a third member but decided to quit when the hacks stopped focusing on doing good. Patterson and Rich were tasked with helping find the Three Blind Mice and tried to keep their involvement secret from the rest of the FBI.

Director Hirst presented evidence which was a photograph of a suspected member near the house of Loewe. Identifying them was difficult as they were wearing a mouse mask. However, Patterson was able to use some fancy software to reveal the suspect to be a woman named Kathy Gustafson (Heather Burns).

She was brought in and Patterson and Rich were asked to be involved in questioning her. Kathy gave up that she was part of the group but insisted they did nothing wrong. She said she was aware of the emails but that she only restored them when Loewe erased them. During the questioning Rich couldn’t resist teasing Kathy with details that only Three Blind Mice members would know.

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Kathy gave some information up on Loewe’s next money making scheme. Patterson revealed to Rich that the app she developed while away from the FBI had a secret backdoor built in. It effectively gave her full access to the phones of the millions of players of her app. Using this she was able to work out the next target and Rich presented a recording to the team saying it came in via an anonymous tip.

Weller and Jane went to the event where bad things were going down. They discovered a team of guys who had planted a bomb and created a gas leak. A fight broke out and they had to be careful not to create a spark or everything would explode. When Weller got into trouble, Jane had no choice but to fire her gun. She fired through a bottle of oil to prevent a spark and had one of the guys choose between disabling the bomb or dying.

Back at the FBI, Director Hirst was pleased they saved a lot of lives. Patterson and Rich were also happy that the investigation into the Three Blind Mice was over. During the night each of them received a text purportedly from the other to meet up. When they both arrived they realised Kathy had set them up and found themselves kidnapped.

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They woke in an unfamiliar location and found that they were wearing shock collars. Kathy revealed she had figured out who they were and wanted the team back together. She was a bit crazy and explained that the train crash had killed her brother. She put them to work on a whole bunch of hacks that they didn’t want to do.

Patterson managed to get an email to the team and signed it with her first name which aroused suspicion. Meanwhile, Patterson wouldn’t help so Kathy tied her up. Rich played along and was told to make Loewe’s plane crash into the ocean. Instead he managed to just make it go dark so that Kathy thought he had done as instructed.

When Kathy realised what he’d done it was too late because Weller and the team arrived to save them. Back at the FBI, Reade (Rob Brown) worked out that Patterson and Rich were the other members of the Three Blind Mice but didn’t take action. Roman (Luke Mitchell) later called Jane and promised to make her feel more pain than ever.

© Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc

At the end of the episode, Patterson realised that someone had tried to cover up Stuart’s murder due to a tampered sound file. She managed to decode the tattoo that he was obsessed with before his murder. It gave her a list of names of people who had owned Van Gogh’s famous Self Portrait. From there though she was stumped as to what it all meant. Elsewhere a man with one ear was meeting with the woman at Kinga who Reade had spoken to. He was checking that she had modified the sound recording.

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Blindspot season 3 continues Mondays at 10pm on Sky Living.


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