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Game of Thrones 7×06 Beyond the Wall recap

Jon leads his suicide squad beyond the wall.

© HBO - Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Game of Thrones returned for the sixth episode of the season. The episode saw Jon (Kit Harington) leading his suicide squad of Ser Jorah (Iain Glen), Gendry (Joe Dempsie), Tormund (Kristofer Hivju), the Hound (Rory McCann), Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) and Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) beyond the wall to try and capture a wight.

If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 yet and don’t want anything spoiled then please stop reading now. If you are up-to-date and want to relive the action then keep on reading.

The episode opened up at Dragonstone as the camera panned across the stone map. It then cut to beyond the Wall where Jon and his suicide squad were making their way across the icy landscape. Jon asked Gendry if he was ok and Tormund asked if he’d ever been north before. Gendry replied he’d never even seen snow before.

Tormund said it was beautiful and that he could breathe again unlike in the south. Jon told him he’d never been south to which Tormund said he had been to Winterfell. Jon replied that Winterfell was in the north. Gendry asked how they managed to live there when it was so cold. Tormund said it was all about keeping moving by either walking, fighting or fucking.

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© HBO – Kristofer Hivju as Tormund, Kit Harington as Jon Snow,
Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont, Joe Dempsie as Gendry

Tormund told Jon that he didn’t think Gendry was very smart. Jon replied that Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham) said he was a strong fighter. Tormund asked about Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Jon explained that she would only fight beside them if he agreed to bend the knee. Tormund spoke of how Mance Rayder was too proud to bend the knee which resulted in the deaths of so many of his people.

Thoros asked if Gendry was still upset with them and he replied that they had sold him to a Red Witch. Beric explained that wars cost money. Gendry was upset because he had wanted to join the Brotherhood. The Hound told Gendry off for whinging as he was still alive and said Beric had been killed six times and never bitched about it. Thoros gave Gendry a drink.

Jon spoke to Ser Jorah about their fathers Jeor Mormont and Ned Stark. Jon offered Longclaw to Ser Jorah which he was given by Jeor. Ser Jorah said he didn’t deserve it after bringing shame on his house and gave it back to Jon.

At Winterfell, Arya (Maisie Williams) spoke to Sansa (Sophie Turner) about the past and how she practiced with a bow and single arrow when she was young. She blamed Sansa for the death of Ser Rodrick and showed her the note she found in Littlefinger’s room. Sansa tried to explain that she was forced to write the note. Arya was annoyed and told her how she was there when their father Ned was executed.

© HBO – Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

Sansa said that Arya should be on her knees thanking her as it was her who took back Winterfell. Sansa wanted to know what plans she had for the letter. Arya threatened to show it to the Lords of the north and Sansa was worried.

Back beyond the wall, Tormund spoke to the Hound and asked about his burns. The Hound asked if Tormund was hitting on him but he replied that he had a beauty back home. He described Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and the Hound knew who she was straight away. Tormund explained that they weren’t together yet but talked about the way he felt she looked at him and how he wanted to make babies with her. The Hound wondered how he had stayed alive so long and Tormund replied he was good at killing people.

Beric told Jon that he didn’t look much like his father. They spoke about how they had been brought back by the Lord of Light. Beric said the Lord of Light must want them alive. He told Jon he was fighting for life as death was the enemy. He said that they could keep people alive and defend those that couldn’t defend themselves. The Hound spotted the arrowhead mountain that he had seen in his vision in the fire.

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At Dragonstone, Dany asked Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) if he knew what she liked about him. He didn’t so she explained she liked that he wasn’t a hero. He tried to explain he had done heroic things but she told him not to be one because heroes do stupid things and die. She felt all heroes were trying to outdo each other by doing the most stupidest and bravest things.

© HBO – Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

Tyrion was interested that she had mentioned Jon and wondered if Jon had fallen for her. She said Jon wasn’t in love with her and was too little for her anyway. She said that Tyrion was brave and if all went to plan she would get to meet Cersei (Lena Headey). He said she would torture and murder her if she got the chance. Tyrion said Cersei would be trying to lay a trap for Dany.

Dany wondered if they should be doing the same. Tyrion spoke of how Cersei used fear for her power but that make her rule brittle. He said that Jaime would keep the Lannister army in check and that Dany had two armies and three dragons to protect her. He said negotiations would still be difficult and that he was worried about Dany losing her temper. She disagreed that she ever lost her temper and he spoke of how she had the Tarly’s burnt alive. She felt that was necessary.

Dany said it seemed that Tyrion was taking the side of his family. He agreed and said that was the best way to be. He said he believed in Dany and wanted to see her win and her vision stay after she eventually died. He was concerned who would rule after she died and Dany was annoyed. She said it was a matter for discussion after she wore the crown.

Back beyond the Wall, the weather had turned into a blizzard making visibility difficult. Jon’s group spotted something large approaching with blue eyes. It was an undead Polar Bear which mauled Thoros. They managed to set it on fire and kill it. It looked like the end of Thoros but he had a drink and Beric used his flaming sword to seal the wound.

© HBO – Bear – White Walker

Back at Winterfell, Sansa spoke to Littlefinger about the letter. She felt the letter would prevent the armies fighting for her. He said they respected her and wondered if Brienne could help with her oath to their mother.

Back beyond the Wall, Jorah spoke to Thoros. Tormund heard something and they looked over a cliff and saw a few wights walking with a White Walker. They charged in to attack and a fight broke out. Jon took on the White Walker and killed it with Longclaw. As it shattered into pieces most of the surrounding wights died. One was left and they tried to capture it. Tormund punched it to the ground and the Hound jumped on it to silence its screaming.

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A rumble could be heard approaching. They placed a hood on the wight. Jon told Gendry to run back to Eastwatch to get a raven to Dany. Tormund took Gendry’s hammer as it would slow him down. The group began moving and found themselves stood on an icy lake with thousands of wights approaching. They began to run as the ice started to crack.

They made it to a large rock in the middle of the lake and found themselves surrounded on all sides and prepared to fight. Under the weight of the wights the ice broke and they began tumbling in. The remaining wight army stood still leaving Jon’s group trapped in the middle. Meanwhile, Gendry sprinted as hard as he could to get back to Eastwatch. He collapsed from exhaustion in front of the gate and Davos came out to help him. Gendry explained they needed to send a raven and Davos called for the Maester.

© HBO – Surrounded by the White Walkers

Back with Jon’s group, the Hound kicked the captured wight. Suddenly Thoros succumbed to his injuries and the cold killed him. Beric appealed to the Lord of Light and Jon said they needed to burn the body. Beric ignited his sword.

Ser Jorah suggested they focus on killing the White Walkers to take out large groups of wights. Jon said their only hope was Dany coming to help. Beric suggested a different option and pointed out the Night’s King watching from higher ground. He said that they should kill him. Jon thought it impossible but Beric was confident as they had both been brought back to life. The Hound said to be careful as they didn’t have Thoros to bring them back again.

At Winterfell, Sansa received an invitation to King’s Landing. Sansa wanted to send Brienne instead but she said it wasn’t safe for Sansa if she went. She was worried about Littlefinger and wanted to leave Podrick (Daniel Portman) to watch over her. Sansa disagreed and Brienne left.

At Dragonstone, Dany and Tyrion walked out to her dragons. Tyrion was worried what would happen if she died but she said she would not do nothing again and left.

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© HBO – Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

Back with Jon’s group, the Hound got bored and amused himself by throwing rocks at the wights. One saw the rock slide on the ice and decided to walk toward them, suddenly more joined in. The group prepared to fight as the wights approached. A huge fight broke out and the group began cutting down the wights.

They were able to take out the initial waves but soon found themselves overwhelmed. Jon called for everyone to fall back. Suddenly Tormund was in real difficulty and took a sword to the face. The wights had him on the ground and were trying to pull him into the icy water. Thankfully the Hound stepped up and saved him.

The group cut down hundreds of wights and made their way to the top of the small rock. All the time they kept the captured wight with them. As they ran out of space all began to look lost and Jon paused to take in their predicament.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dany swooped down on Drogon, with Viserion and Rhaegal, and their fiery breath laid waste to the undead army. Things were looking up so Dany landed to try and evacuate Jon and his group. More wights approached so Jon continued to fight while the rest climbed aboard Drogon.

© HBO – Dragons attacking the white walkers

In the distance the Night’s King dismounted and was given a large icy spear. He took aim and threw it into the air. It struck Viserion causing a devastating injury and the dragon plummeted to the ground before sinking below the ice. Dany looked heartbroken and waited for Jon to join them on Drogon.

Jon was facing down the Night King and screamed for her to leave him when another ice spear was prepared. She reluctantly did as he asked and the mighty Drogon managed to get airborne again. As the Night King launched his next spear Drogon managed to dodge it which nearly sent Jorah falling to his death.

On the ground, Jon was overwhelmed by a few wights and was knocked into the water. As Dany flew away, the Night King and his army left. Suddenly, Jon pulled himself from the water and grabbed Longclaw. He pulled himself to his feet and prepared to fight the rest of the wights himself. He was saved when Benjen Stark appeared on horseback. He sent Jon off on the horse and took on the wights, presumably sacrificing himself to save Jon.

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The Hound loaded the wight into a boat. Beric said they would meet again and he replied that he hoped not. At Eastwatch, Ser Jorah told Dany it was time to leave but she said a little longer. Suddenly down below the horse carrying Jon appeared and the gates were opened to let him in. He was taken aboard a ship and put to rest. Dany watched on and saw the terrible injuries his body had suffered.

© HBO – Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harington as Jon Snow

At Winterfell, Sansa crept around Arya’s room and found a bag containing faces. Arya walked in on her and wanted to play a game. Sansa kept asking about the faces. Arya said she could become anyone, even Sansa and approached her with a dagger. After scaring her sister she gave her the dagger and walked off.

Aboard the boat, Jon awoke and found Dany sat at the foot of his bed. He said sorry for the death of her dragon and grabbed her hand. He wished to take it back but she didn’t. She said now she had seen the army of the dead with her eyes she knew. She vowed to destroy the Night King and his army together. Jon thanked her and called her Dany which she wasn’t keen on as her brother used to use it.

Jon instead offered to call her his Queen and said he’d bend the knee if he could. She grabbed his hand and asked what about the his people and he said they would come to see her for who she was. She said she hoped she deserved it and Jon said she did. Dany said he should get some rest and walked off.

Back beyond the Wall, the wight army had found some massive chains and were shown to drag Viserion out of the water. The Night King approached and touched the beast. It’s eyes opened and now shone a bright blue. Looks like the Night King has himself a dragon!

© HBO – Viserion

Watch the official preview trailer from HBO for Game of Thrones 7×06 Beyond the Wall below:


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Let us know your thoughts on Beyond the Wall in the comments below as well as your hopes for the season.

Game of Thrones season 7 continues at 9pm Mondays on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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