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MacGyver 1×19 Compass preview

On the latest episode of MacGyver, was a special crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0.

The episode opened up in Hawaii with a shootout involving Mac (Lucas Till) and Jack (George Eads) along with Five-0 Task Force members Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park). They were up against an unknown group who appeared to be using some kind of smart or controllable bullets.

After the opening credits the action jumped back to 36 hours earlier with Mac, Jack, Riley (Tristin Mays) and Bozer (Justin Hires) on board a private jet. Jack wanted to know what they were going to do for Mac’s birthday. Matty (Meredith Eaton) called to tell them about a 7.2 earthquake near Hilo, Hawaii and wanted them to go and assist.

On the ground, Mac got to work fixing a generator using a defibrillator machine. Riley got hooked up to their network to make it work better. The team met up with Kono who took them to meet Chin. They then helped work on freeing some workers trapped inside a collapsed concrete structure. Mac cobbled together a water jet cutter to make an opening into the structure and freed a lady leaving more trapped.

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Meanwhile, Bozer heard a dog trapped in the rubble and managed to dig it free with his hands. The dog appeared to have an injured leg so Bozer made it a little splint to help it walk. He also bumped into Kamekona (Taylor Wily).

To help locate the trapped workers, Mac built a device that would allow them to detect a heartbeat through the concrete. It worked and they soon freed another worker. Inside the building, Mac and Jack continued to search. They found a Chinese mercenary who attacked them. After knocking him out they listened to his radio and realised he had friends in the building and they were trying to steal something.

A call to Matty revealed that the building contained a lab full of Darpa scientists. Kono teamed up with Mac, while Chin went with Jack. Inside the building Chin and Jack found the rest of the Chinese mercs breaking into the lab. A shootout broke out but the mercs escaped with what they came for. Jack had to stay behind to rescue a hostage they had captured.

Meanwhile, Mac and Kono found the trapped scientists. Mac managed to get to them but the wall collapsed behind him. He told them he was there to save them. Mac surveyed the area to work on a way out. He built a device to allow them to climb up the lift shaft.

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It turned out that the Chinese mercs had stolen something called Project-23. It was a smart bullet project that contained everything they needed to replicate it.

Riley identified a van the mercs were using to get to a waiting speedboat. Mac, Jack, Chin and Kono rushed to stop them. The action returned to where the episode began. As the smart bullet was aimed at Mac, Kono jumped in front of it to stop it with her bulletproof vest. This left the mercs with 19 smart bullets.

Mac borrowed Chin’s gun to take the laser sight apart. He modified it to make the laser bigger and gave it to Jack. It worked and Jack was able to control the bullets. When the mercs fired at Mac, Jack diverted the bullet into their speedboat engine. The team were successful in stopping the mercs.

At the end of the episode, Mac decided to let Jack throw a birthday party for him. Bozer gave him a present of broken electronics to make something with. Jack gave Matty a coconut bra. Kamekona came back for the party to handle the catering and they gave Mac a cake with a paperclip made of icing on it.

The next episode is Compass. The official synopsis for the episode reads:

Mac and Jack help Mac’s close friend from M.I.T. (Aly Michalka) after she fakes her own death to prevent someone from killing her in order to suppress her scientific research.

Tune in to Sky 1 at 8pm Wednesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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