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Pretty Little Liars 7×18 Choose or Lose recap

Tanner (Roma Maffia) returned to Rosewood as the evidence around the Liars began to stack up on the latest episode.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now. If you want to relive all of the action keep reading.

Feeling the pinch

Rosewood P.D. searched the houses of all of the Liars as Tanner started to build a serious case against them. Before the police got to her apartment, Aria (Lucy Hale) shredded the file A.D. had on her, which was a statement she was going to turn in to say Ezra (Ian Harding) took advantage of her written when she found out he was writing a book about Alison (Sasha Pieterse).

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) rushed to the station to speak with Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez) and found out that he was no longer working the case. Instead he had told Tanner everything about his relationship with Spencer and removed himself from the investigation.

Following the raids, Aria was surprised to hear a phone ringing in The Brew. She found the hidden phone and spoke with A.D., arranging a face-to-face meeting so she could finally find out who was behind the Liars’ torment.

Pretty Little Liars 7x18
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Choose or lose

Holed up in a room at The Radley courtesy of Ashley (Laura Leighton), Spencer, Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Alison and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) were surprised to find the phone from the game among the food they’d ordered. For its latest turn, the game insisted that the Liars choose one of them to take the fall otherwise they would all lose the game.

The truth is out there

Aria headed to the meeting location but she was unaware that her friends were suspicious of what she had been up to. Mona (Janel Parrish) had recorded part of Aria’s conversation with A.D. and played it to the Liars. Unable to believe what they were hearing, the Liars found Aria in the woods dressed in a black hoodie. They demanded an explanation and Aria tried to remind her friends that they’d all done bad things to protect the ones they love.

The confrontation was cut short when Ali received a phone call requesting that the Liars all went to the police station. Aria travelled separately and upon arrival the five girls were questioned by Tanner. Spencer reminded the detective that she was the one that saved them from the Doll House but Tanner snapped back that it was their lies that led to that incident in the first place. Tanner offered to help them but Spencer ended the interview and the Liars left.

Freedom is a long road

Spencer came round to trying to forgive Aria but when the two Liars were talking, they were interrupted by Tanner who returned all of Aria’s things. She revealed that footage of Aria had surfaced from the night Archer (Huw Collins) disappeared. A.D. had faked the footage and a furious Spencer left the apartment.

Feeling guilty, Aria decided to come clean to Ezra (having sex with him first) and she found out he knew all about the file she had destroyed. Trying to get out from under A.D., Aria was told that she now had her freedom. Realising she was free at the expense of her friends, Aria told A.D. she was going to turn herself in but she was told it was too late. The phone A.D. had given her burst into flames and Aria rushed off to Spencer’s.

On the way she called Spencer but stopped her car when she heard strange noises coming from the boot. As she opened the boot, Aria saw a dead body with fingers missing, which is presumably Archer, and just as she made the discovery the police arrived.

Pretty Little Liars 7x18
Credit: Freeform

Wedding bells

Caleb came clean to Ashley about what was going on with Hanna. Initially Hanna was annoyed but then Caleb surprised her by taking her to the courthouse to get married. He explained that he wanted to marry her while they could and also pointed out that if they were married, they couldn’t testify against one another. Ashley attended the ceremony and the two tied the knot.

Meanwhile Spencer reunited with Toby (Keegan Allen) and the two had sex, and Ali and Emily got hot and heavy during a romantic picnic in the woods.

Decision time

The countdown on the Choose or Lose game came to an end and the Liars, minus Aria, decided not to offer up any of them to take the fall. They promised each other not to blame anyone for what happened next. As the counter hit zero, Spencer smashed the phone and the Liars waited to see what happened next.

A.D.’s little helper?

After revealing Aria’s secret, Mona had some of her own tracks to cover this week. The game went missing from Ali’s house and it turned out that Mona had it in her apartment. Caleb and Ezra tracked the signal of the cell tower that A.D. was using and it took them to Mona’s apartment. She was inside as the game kicked into action and a prison cell popped up on the board.

Pretty Little Liars continues at 8/7c Tuesday on Freeform in the US and Netflix on Wednesday in the UK. Preview the next episode Farewell, My Lovely with the promo below:

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