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Blindspot 2×22 Lepers Repel season finale recap

We recap the season two finale.

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On the season finale of Blindspot, the team tried to stop Phase 2.

With the show looking likely to be cancelled, we were worried about how Blindspot would end its second season. Thankfully it was recently renewed for a third season and the finale didn’t disappoint!

Last episode left Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) at the top secret COGS meeting where he found out he was part of a group set to replace the US government. The finale picked up at that point and Weller teamed up straight away with the CIA’s Agent Keaton to try and prevent Sandstorm’s Phase 2.

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Looking around the bunker they discovered an old telephone switchboard. A bit of messing about from Keaton got them an outside line and Weller got straight on to Patterson (Ashley Johnson). His call was interrupted by the man running the COGS meeting. He put bullets into the switchboard which ended the call. A fight ensued and the pair made off with his ID badge.

At the FBI, Reade (Rob Brown) stepped up and took control. The team worked out that Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) was to target the White House where the full cabinet were due to meet. If successful she would wipe out the entire government.

The material in Sandstorm’s bombs last episode was found to match that of a company owned by tech billionaire Zach Riley. They brought him in for questioning and he revealed what he knew. He had launched a special satellite for Shepherd capable of launching a glider at the White House. They realised that the glider would be used to detonate the huge cache of nuclear material causing untold devastation.

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Weller and Keaton arrived at the FBI and Weller paired Keaton up with Zapata (Audrey Esparza) to track down the nuclear material via drone. Meanwhile, Patterson tried to hack the satellite to throw it off course.

The nuclear material was discovered in an old ambulance close to the White House. Weller and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) took a team to intercept and found Shepherd with the ambulance. They had her surrounded but a armed biker arrived and started shooting. Many of the FBI team were killed as Weller and Jane moved in on the ambulance. Shepherd appeared to have fled but as Weller looked inside, she jumped Jane. The pair fought and eventually Shepherd was captured.

Meanwhile, Patterson struggled to hack the satellite from the ground. She came up with an idea, to launch the Soyuz capsule from the International Space Station. After getting authorisation she flew the capsule into the satellite to slow it down. It bought some time but wasn’t enough to stop the attack. The glider launched leaving just 30 minutes to find another solution.

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Weller and Jane raced to get the ambulance as far from populated areas as possible. While Jane drove, Weller looked for the guidance beacon which was directing the glider to them. He couldn’t find it so Patterson modified his phone to scan for it. It worked but the beacon was inside Shepherd. As Weller prepared to cut it out of her, Roman (Luke Mitchell) appeared and slammed his vehicle into the ambulance causing a huge crash.

Patterson set up a clone beacon but needed the actual beacon disabling before the glider got too low. Weller had an idea and grabbed a defibrillator to shock Shepherd. It took a few tries but it worked and killed the beacon. This allowed Patterson’s clone to take over and divert the glider into the Atlantic Ocean.

Outside the ambulance Jane tried to apprehend Roman. He told her to shoot him. A badly injured Weller came out and collapsed leaving Jane to decide between him and Roman. She chose Weller and Roman escaped. Weller managed to tell her to stay because he loves her.

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Back at the FBI, 24 hours later, Weller returned. He gave a speech thanking the entire team for their efforts which resulted in the take down of Sandstorm. Patterson was conflicted about her job but Reade gave a little speech of his own which seemed to help. Zapata confronted Weller, unhappy about how Roman managed to ‘escape’. He told her Jane didn’t have a shot and it was all in the report.

Later, Weller was holding a celebration at his place. Reade, Zapata and Patterson were all in attendance. Jane arrived late to join in and spoke to Weller alone saying she wanted to stay. Back inside the other three made themselves scarce to give Weller and Jane some alone time.

Meanwhile, Shepherd was shown to be held at a CIA blacksite. It was shown that her interrogator was to be Nas (Archie Panjabi).

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At the end of the episode there was a flash forward to two years into the future. Initially we saw Jane climbing a rather large cliff face on her own. At the top as she admired the view and a monk appeared to tell her she should return home.

Later, in a tent where she seemed to be staying, Jane made notes in a journal. Another monk came to inform her that she had a visitor. Weller walked in and he’s been looking for her for a long time. It appears that Jane had tried to disappear. Jane commented that Weller was still wearing his ring, so at some point it seems they married.

Weller didn’t want to dwell on the past and said she needed to go back with him as he needed her help. He explained that Patterson, Zapata and Reade had all been kidnapped. Jane asked if it was Roman but he didn’t know.

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He presented her with a mysterious metal box that no one had been able to open. He had an idea and when they both touched it, the box opened and revealed a metal trinket. When they both touched that it lit up with the same bird image as Jane’s neck tattoo.

Weller placed it next to her tattoo and somehow all her tattoos seemed to activate. They began lighting up and they both looked shocked. Before we got any answers the episode came to a close.

Blindspot will return for a third season.


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