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Secrets and Lies 2×09 The Brother preview

Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord) continued to be at the centre of the scandalous revelations coming out on the latest episode of Secrets and Lies.

Last week Eric (Michael Ealy) discovered that Melanie was running a prostitution business from a house that Patrick (Charlie Barnett) owned. Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) joined the dots together and arrived at the house after shots were reported. Upon arrival she discovered that there were secret cameras in the house but the footage had been erased.

Neil (Eric Winter) revealed everything he knew about Melanie’s side job as a pimp to Eric and due to the scandalous nature of Patrick’s involvement, he agreed with his father John (Terry O’Quinn) to very publicly fire him from the firm.

In an attempt to do damage control, Eric consulted with the firm’s lawyer and found out that the whole firm was in danger of going down with the emerging family scandal. The only way Eric could see out of the situation was to turn Patrick in to Cornell and that’s exactly what he did.

Patrick was hauled into questioning and Cornell pressed him for information on Melanie. When he refused to play ball, Cornell showed him photos of Melanie having a sexy rendezvous with their lawyer and her past as a prostitute was revealed.

Melanie was arrested and Cornell got her to crack. She admitted that she didn’t kill Kate but offered to make a deal for her own freedom by telling Cornell who did.

Elsewhere Danny (Kenny Johnson) broke into Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) secret iPad when a tracking alert was set off. He and Eric followed the tracker and were surprised to see John arriving in his car.

The next episode of the season is The Brother. An explosive revelation changes the Warner family forever.

Tune in to W at 10pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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