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Emmerdale Spoilers: David Proposes to Tracy

It’s time to look ahead and see what is going down in Emmerdale this week.  There’s a wedding proposal, sneaky divorce proceedings and a good old fashioned soap punch!

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David Proposes to Tracy

When David finds out that Jacob told Tracy she wasn’t good enough for him he is stunned and frantically calls her only to be told by Carly that she’s at the airport heading for a new life in Ibiza.  Little does he know that he taxi has gotten a flat tyre and she’s stood by the side of the road whilst Ross tries to change it.  David pleads with Finn to radio Ross and over the radio begs Tracy to hear him out as he opens his heart to her; confessing his love.  The radio goes silent…

Tracy finds David in the pub and he proposes to her and she accepts, but later confesses to Diane she only said yes as she couldn’t refuse a man with cancer.  Through her tears, she manages to tell David she can’t marry him and that he’s proposing for all the wrong reasons.  David accepts they are disengaged but is quietly determined this isn’t the end of it…what is he planning?

Aaron punches Andy

Aaron Livesy & Andy Sugden, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Robert has Ryan tied up in the boot of the car as he pulls up to a layby and decides to untie him.  Ryan asks for money, saying that he’s in debt and Robert pays him never to come back.  As Ryan scarpers, Robert realises someone has witnessed the whole exchange.

Later, Liv is upset to see Aaron and Robert are at each other’s throats and when she learns that Ryan has been in the village, she feels guilty and is determined to right her wrongs.  She asks Finn for advice on how she can bring Aaron and Robert back together.  She lures the pair to the back room and leaves them with curry and beers to talk.

Aaron learns from Robert that Andy made a deal with Ross over the shooting and is stunned.  Aaron is fuming and Robert urges him to let it go and he seemingly accepts only to later punch Andy and tell Chrissie what Andy was part of.

Lawrence is on the war path

Lawrence White, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Lachlan tries to get through to Lawrence but is shown the door and soon his hurt has turned to anger.  Later, Lawrence is woken by the sound of a car revving and goes out to find Lachlan donutting on the lawn in one of his classic cars.  Lachlan accuses Lawrence of throwing a tantrum because he’s gay and gets a slap for his troubles.

It seems he’s out to really alienate his family as he tells Chrissie that Andy knew who Ronnie was all along, but kept it secret for Bernice.  Then he plays dirty and calls his lawyer about starting divorce proceedings against Bernice and then tries to close down her beauty salon.  What has happened to mild mannered Lawrence?


Belle Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

At the spa, Belle orders countless cocktails, guilty for what she’s doing.  Charity tries to stop her, insisting her only option is to fake a miscarriage, but Belle wants to handle things her own way.  Suddenly, a drunken Belle sees a face she wasn’t expecting when Lisa arrives to surprise her.  Later, Belle is distracted and gets hit by a trolley and falls over.  Charity sees the perfect miscarriage opportunity.  At the hospital they are shocked to see Angie Bailey and learn she also had miscarriages with Dr Bailey.  Belle doesn’t think she can put Dr Bailey through it again so when the sonographer arrives she spots Ellie and runs away.  She tells Charity she really is pregnant now.

Joanie is thrilled when Zak agrees to go through with a wedding slot she booked as a surprise.  Lisa is less than pleased.

Holly reluctantly starts a course of methadone but when she’s given the choice of Simon offering her heroin or Jai offering to take her to the methadone clinic, which way will she turn?  When Moira sees Holly’s phone has missed calls from Simon she fears that Holly has caved in and barges into Simon’s house with potentially disastrous consequences.

Priya asks Rishi to give Rakesh a loan, but he’s furious when he finds out.  He spots an opportunity to get some money when he’s invited to a poker night and it’s looking promising for him until Pierce arrives and the two men face off.  As the stakes rise each game, Rakesh can’t hide that he’s got a great hand and the pair go all in…

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