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Emmerdale Spoilers: Lawrence threatens to shoot Ronnie

Welcome to our weekly look ahead to what’s going on in Emmerdale and there’s a rush to the airport as two residents plan an exit, Lawrence gets trigger happy and Charity finds out Belle’s secret.
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Lawrence threatens to shoot Ronnie

Lawrence takes Bernice for a romantic night away, ensuring to take the erectile dysfunction pills he’s bought so he can satisfy all of Bernice’s needs.  Later, he collapses in the café and it’s Ronnie who runs to his aid.  Andy offers to take Lawrence back to Home Farm and he confesses to taking the pills and Andy mistakenly thinks it’s for Ronnie, leaving Lawrence offended.
Bernice is worried to hear of the collapse and even more so when Andy tells her about the pills Lawrence took and suggesting that he doesn’t think they were meant for her.  She is devastated to learn that Andy saw Lawrence visiting Ronnie in the hospital.  She decides there’s only one thing to do and arranges a secret rendezvous in a hotel room for Ronnie and Lawrence; she wants Lawrence to face up to the truth of who he is.

When Lawrence sees Ronnie in the room he flips and throws a bottle at him.  Ronnie manages to calm him down and they have a heart-to-heart and Lawrence tells him that he loves Bernice unaware that she has left him and is heading to the airport.  When he realises she’s gone, he covers to Chrissie that she’s staying with Nicola, unwilling to believe that he can’t rectify the situation without anyone finding out.

Chrissie finds a letter Bernice left, however and realises she’s gone but misunderstands a reference to Ronnie and is left thinking that Ronnie really is her birth father.  She confronts Ronnie and demands he admit he’s her father only to be left reeling when he makes a confession just as Lawrence arrives.

Lawrence is feeling pressured by the whispers going round the village about him and it’s a horrible reminder of his time in prison.  Chrissie and Lachlan stand by him and tell him it’s ok if he’s gay but he snaps and boots them out of Home Farm.  Ronnie tells Chrissie he’s still in love with Lawrence and offers to try and talk to him only to be left heartbroken when a drunken Lawrence threatens to shoot him and succeeds in blowing a hole in his windscreen.

Lawrence White & Aaron Livesy, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

A worried Sam sends a text to Aaron after seeing Lawrence shoot a photo of Bernice and Aaron arrives and wrangles the gun from Lawrence’s grasp.  Aaron tries to convince Lawrence he can be happy if he’ll only accept who he is, only for Lawrence to try and warn Aaron that Robert won’t change.

Tracy plans to leave the village

Tracy Shankley & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Diane plays cupid this week when a distraught and homeless Tracy plans a one-way trip to Ibiza.  She lures David and Tracy to the B&B office then shuts them in.  The pair don’t want to kiss and make up and try to escape through the window, but David can’t help looking at Tracy’s bum and soon they are both laughing as she falls back into the room.  It’s not long before they are smooching.

Later, David suggests Tracy move in with him, unaware that Jacob is clearly jealous of the closeness as they return from a chemo session.  David goes all out to impress Tracy and is warned by Jacob and Eric that he’s doing too much.  When David sees Tracy in a dress he bought her, he’s stunned at how beautiful she looks.  Soon David is smitten and confesses to Eric that Tracy is the only one who makes his condition bearable.  Jacob is silently gutted when he hears this.

It’s Tracy who notices that Jacob is being a bit off and asks if it’s something she’s done.  He lies and tells her that David is finding her too clingy and he’s better off without her.  It doesn’t help when she later overhears David calling her ‘full on’ and jumps to the wrong conclusion and she decides Ibiza is back on.

Charity finds out Belle’s secret

Belle Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Belle is feeling guilty for all the trouble she’s put Dr Bailey through as she nervously waits the results on her pregnancy test.  Meanwhile, Lisa is offering an olive branch when she invites Zak and Joanie for a family meal with Dr Bailey.

At The Woolpack, Charity is curious when Angie turns up looking for Dr Bailey and she confesses that he’s cheated before.  Worried for Belle, Charity calls on Sam to help her set a honeytrap for Dr Bailey; will he fall into it?

The family meal is an awkward affair and Charity spots Belle’s pregnancy test leaving Belle to worry that Charity will reveal her secret to Dr Bailey but she has other plans and gives him a job.  Just what is she up to?


Moira Dingle & Holly Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Moira is torn between her son and her daughter as she covers for Holly when she finds out that Holly set up the van robbery that Victoria got caught up in.  She tells Holly that she has to tell Adam, but who will she ultimately put first;  Holly or Adam?  Holly’s struggle with withdrawal symptoms only gets worse when she learns Victoria has put the van up for sale.  She asks Moira to lock her up so that she can go cold turkey.  Can Moira go through all this again?

Nicola is hit by the seriousness of her condition when Jimmy gives her a wheelchair.  Her week gets worse when she wants to get frisky and Jimmy is unable to lift her up the stairs.  She retaliates by sneakily getting Rodney to set up an office for her and throws herself back into work.  Is she pushing herself too far too fast?

Aaron and Robert get caught in the shower together by Charity causing Aaron to broach the subject of them moving in together and is upset when Robert says he has to think about it.  Robert has bigger things to worry about however, when the police tell him they have CCTV footage of him at a cashpoint on the day Ryan claims he was bribed.  It seems Ryan wants his cake and to eat it when he shows up and tries to blackmail Robert.  Is he messing with the wrong guy?

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