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Emmerdale Spoilers: Holly puts Victoria in danger

Welcome to our weekly look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week and we are slightly earlier than usual due to the Euros changing the schedules.  First off, you should know that there’s a bonus episode of Emmerdale on tonight (Sunday) and then its business as usual the rest of the week.

The drama continues for both Belle and Holly this week and Ashley clicks that he’s being babysat.

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Holly puts Victoria in danger

Holly hides a wrap of cocaine from Moira and Cain, who both think she’s doing so well. Later, she sneaks out to meet her drug dealer, Simon but doesn’t have enough money for drugs.  When he learns that she’s now working for Victoria in her van, he offers her pills to sell.

Holly later waits til Moira goes and then gets out her wrap of it, clearly intending to take it.  When Victoria comes to find her, she tries to hide the fact that she’s high and it seems to have worked when Victoria encourages Holly to design some artwork for the van.  Holly has a pang of guilt and phones Simon to say she won’t sell the pills for him after all.
When the police turn up at the farm, Cain orders Holly to get rid of the bloody shirt that links him to Dr Bailey’s injuries.  She panics, knowing that she needs to hide the drugs too and puts them in the same bag.  Moira steps in to get rid of the shirt and Holly is worried that she’ll find the drugs too.  She’s horrified to learn that she’s lost the full stash and is distraught at what Simon will do.

When Simon arrives and applies the pressure, Holly isn’t thinking straight and more bad things occur.  She spots the cash tin in the van and comes up with a plan when Victoria asks her to work on her own.

As the van is parked in a layby, Holly tells Simon he’ll have to attack her and make it look like a robbery.  He isn’t happy about it and the pair argue until Holly spots Adam coming and pretends she’s serving Simon instead.  When Adam’s gone, Holly tells Simon a new plan, but things go wrong when Victoria heads to the van that night.

At the van, Victoria discovers Simon trying to steal the cash box and they tussle.  Jai happens to be passing and comes to Victoria’s aid as Simon hits her and flees.  Holly is sick with worry at home and fears she’ll be implicated when Adam gets a call saying Victoria is hurt.

Cain beats up Bailey

Cain, Lisa & Belle Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Lachlan left Belle with some explaining to do at The Bailey’s house after he trashed it, but as she flees the scene, Dr Bailey is left trying to convince his wife, Angie not to get the police involved.  Belle confronts Lachlan about the mess he’s caused and he confesses he’s in love with her.

It seems that Dr Bailey wasn’t able to keep the police out of it and soon Belle is at the police station and covering for Lachlan, convinced that Dr Bailey will come to her rescue.  As she waits and waits, Lachlan goes to see Dr Bailey and urges him to help her.  Angie overhears the conversation and heads to the Dingles to hear Belle’s side of the story.  Will she get the truth?

Later, Cain comes to the Dingle’s home with his knuckles bloodied and bruised and Belle immediately knows what he’s done and she rushes to the hospital to be by Dr Bailey’s side.  He awakens to find Belle by his bedside and she tells him their love will win the day.  He doesn’t look so sure.  When he is discharged from hospital, he takes the bull by the horns and heads to see his boss, but Angie has beaten him to it and he’s sacked on the spot.  As he packs his things, he tells Belle they’re finished.

Belle is devastated and lays the blame at both Cain and Lachlan’s doors.  She is vengeful as she picks up the phone; surely she won’t shop Cain to the police, will she?

Charity steps in and has a heart-to-heart with Belle when she hears that the police have visited Cain.  She comes up with a plan to help keep Belle away from Dr Bailey and pleads with Belle to change her story.  Will Belle go back on her story?

Marlon attempts to poison Pierce

Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Marlon has had his fill of ‘wonderful’ Pierce, so when Carly brings over some laxatives for April, he decides to add some to the gravy he’s about to serve to Pierce.  However, there’s a mix up and it’s Eric that ends up with the dodgy gravy.

As an angry Eric storms back into The Woolpack he warns Marlon they’ll be consequences if he finds out the pub gave him food poisoning.  Rhona can tell that Marlon knows more than he’s letting on and soon Pierce finds out that he was the intended victim.  Will he tell Pollard the truth?


Ashely & Co, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

As the men team up to battle the children at the pirate ship, they aren’t ready for a surprise attack from their annoyed wives and girlfriends.  Nicola gives Jimmy a telling off saying he’s supposed to be ‘babysitting’ Ashley just as Ashley walks out of the pirate ship.  He suddenly realises what’s been going on, leaving Laurel with a lot of explaining to do.  She reluctantly reminds him about the social worker visit and how he can’t be with Arthur unsupervised.  Ashley feels betrayed, thinking that Dan, Jimmy, Rodney and Rishi were his genuine friends.

Emma is upset when Pete says he’s moving out, clearly still angry about her fake illness.  He’s made an arrangement with Tracy to share her room much to Vanessa’s disgust.

Finn is delighted to receive their taxi licences and sends Ross to distribute flyers and Pete to valet the cars. But when business doesn’t take off, Ross resorts to dirty tactics and comes undone.

Rakesh gets an email from Kirin asking for £20,000.  When Vanessa sees a statement for the savings account that Rakesh set up for Johnny her face darkens.  Rakesh has more problems with the building works.

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