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Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle and Dr Bailey’s relationship is on fire!

Welcome to our weekly look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week.  Following a tense week in court last week, Aaron is moving on with his life and more residents are gunning for a fresh start too.  Read on…

Belle and Dr Bailey’s relationship is on fire!

Zak is hurt to learn that Joanie has lost her ring and Belle delights in dropping her in it.  Lisa suggests that Joanie look in the bin for her ring and Rishi is alarmed to see her and Kerry rifling through the bins and makes Joanie an offer.

Belle and Lisa are confused when Joanie reveals her ring and lies about where she found it.  Lisa decides to have a quiet word with Zak and he’s left confused by what she tells him.  Soon he has confronted Joanie and it leads to her later rowing with Belle.  Zak walks in just as Joanie slaps Belle across the face.  An angry Zak threatens Rishi to stay away from his woman.

Later, Belle takes Dr Bailey to the factory out of hours and is unaware of the alarm flashing as she leads him to a candle lit office where she plans to seduce him.  Alerted to the alarm, Rishi heads to the factory, bumping into Lisa on the way and the pair head there together.  Belle panics when she hears her mum’s voice and things get worse when one of the candles she’s lit starts a fire.  Is her new love affair about to be rumbled?

Andy makes an enemy out of Cain

Moira Barton & Andy Sugden, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

When Andy sees that Debbie has sent Moira a card he’s fuming and demands that Cain tell him where his kids are.  Cain isn’t in the giving mood so Andy pleads with Moira instead and she finally relents, but neither of them realise that Holly has been listening in.  When she later sees her mum on Cain’s laptop she runs straight to him and he sets a trap for Moira by leaving his phone in the kitchen for her to find.  Will she take the bait and why is Holly trying to impress Cain?

Meanwhile, Cain warns Andy off coming between him and Moira.  Chrissie is determined to help Andy and she goes to speak to Cain herself.  Will she have more success than Andy or is Cain unmoving on the subject?

Tracy confesses her feelings to David

Credit:  ITV
Credit: ITV

A scared David refuses Leyla’s offer to come with him for his scan and Tracy is jealous to see the pair thick as thieves.  She unknowingly puts her foot in it in the village whilst David is at the hospital.

David’s emotions get the better of him as he waves Jacob off on his trip to see his mum.  Tracy promises Leyla she’ll keep an eye on David whilst her and Jacob are in Portugal and she persuades David to go to the pub with her.  However, she’s left disappointed at how things go in the pub.

Later, at the hospital David is moved when he meets a young lad who has the same condition as him.  Tracy plucks up the courage to David how she really feels, but is her timing off with David needing to speak to Pollard?


Finn Barton & Charity Dingle, Emmerdale
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What has Finn got himself involved with when he agrees to help Charity shift some action figures that he doesn’t realise are dodgy.

Vanessa and Marlon are shocked when Paddy and Rhona announce their immediate departure to Germany.  Paddy makes amends with Aaron and the villagers gather to wave the couple on their way.

Meanwhile,   Tess’ husband Pierce, hands out flyers to try and find out more about how Tess died.  Shocked by what he learns, he is soon on the warpath and decides to stay on in the village.

Sandra tells Liv they are moving to Dublin for good and she refuses leaving Aaron to make a suggestion.  Is he taking on more than he bargained for?

A worried Bernice, tries to handle the business for Lawrence to allow him to rest, but she’s clearly out of her depth.

Emma is excited to hear Pete will be released from prison in two weeks, however it’s short lived;  he doesn’t want to come home.

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