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Hannibal 3×13 The Wrath of the Lamb recap

Hannibal came to a fitting end with a gory series finale.

Hannibal 3x13

Hannibal came to the end of its three season run tonight.

If you haven’t seen the series finale of Hannibal and want to avoid spoilers we suggest you stop reading now. If you have seen it and want to relive the action then keep reading.

I am the dragon!

The action picked up with Francis (Richard Armitage) after the revelation to Reba (Rutina Wesley) that he was the red dragon. A terrified Reba was ordered to feel his chest and when she went to touch his face he warned her to stop. He asked her to take a key from around his neck and lock the front door of the house. After being told it was a test, Reba went downstairs and tried to escape but Francis was waiting outside the door for her. He asked her to return to the key to around his neck and ordered her back to the bedroom.

She sat on the bed and he made her feel a shotgun that he had in his hand to get her to stay where she was. Reba begged him not to hurt her and he lowered the gun before telling her it was all over for him. He told her that he couldn’t give her over to the dragon and Reba could hear the sound of gas being poured around the room. Francis threw a match onto the floor before shooting his own head off. Reba felt for the key and tried to make her way out of the house before the fire engulfed it.

Reba recalled what happened in Francis’ house to Will (Hugh Dancy) while she recovered in hospital. Will told her that Francis was trying to stop killing people and she had helped him to end his reign of terror. Reba was upset that she didn’t pick up on Francis’ murderous intentions earlier.

Hannibal 3x13

Credit: Sony Pictures Television

News travels fast

Will went to see Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) to tell him that Francis had committed suicide. Hannibal said that he had been rooting for Will but expressed his disappointment that Will didn’t get to kill. Will maintained that his sole purpose was to stop the dragon, which is exactly what he had done. During their conversation Will told Hannibal that he knew the reason he had turned himself in was so that Will knew where he was at all times.

The dragon lives!

Despite seemingly shooting himself in the face earlier in the episode, it transpired that Francis was alive and well. Will found that out when he returned to his motel room and Francis was waiting for him. After a brief struggle Francis knocked Will out and then waited for him to wake up so they could talk about Hannibal. Francis admitted that he wanted to share with Hannibal and was upset by the cannibal’s betrayal. He still wanted to meet him however and Will suggested it was Hannibal that Francis needed to ‘change’.

Back at the FBI it was confirmed that the body Reba thought was Francis was a person who had been reported missing. He misled Reba so that she would run to the FBI and put them off course. Will suggested to Jack (Laurence Fishburne) that Hannibal is the bait that they needed to use to draw out Francis so they could stop him. He planned for Hannibal to fake an escape to get the attention of the dragon.

Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) wasn’t impressed when she was told of the plan and told Will that he wouldn’t be able to manipulate the situation to his advantage. She believed that Hannibal wouldn’t allow himself to be caught a second time and Will confirmed that he had no intention of Hannibal being caught. Will warned Bedelia to pack her bags insinuating that Hannibal would go after her and follow through on his threat to eat her.

Hannibal 3x13

Credit: Sony Pictures Television

In recovery

Chilton (Raul Esparza) continued to recover in hospital and was visited by Alana (Caroline Dhavernas). Alana said that she went to see him to remind herself of what Hannibal is capable of and Chilton reminded her that she was part responsible for his current condition. Chilton told her that he would be happy for Hannibal to be one of his skin graft donations but Alana reminded him that he wasn’t actually comfortable in his original skin.

Alana then went to see Hannibal to tell him that there was a deal for him with the FBI. She told him that Francis had faked his death before explaining the plan for Hannibal to ‘escape’. He guessed that it was Will’s idea and Alana explained that if he went along with the plan, he would get all of his privileges back. Hannibal warned Alana that he might come after her if he manages to make a real escape. Alana told Jack that Hannibal had tentatively agreed to the deal but asked that Will ask him to take part in their plan. Will visited Hannibal to ask him in person telling him he was their ‘best shot’ at catching Francis.

The great escape

Hannibal was transported in a police van and Francis tracked them. He took out the police guards around the van before setting Hannibal free. Will was the only other survivor and as they climbed out of the van Francis was seen driving off in a police car. Hannibal got behind the wheel of one of the other cars and Will joined him in the front seat.

With Hannibal on the loose Alana and Margot (Katharine Isabelle) moved out of their house taking their son with them.

Will and Hannibal got ready for dinner in Hannibal’s cliffside home. As they talked a bullet came through the window and hit Hannibal. Francis appeared and finally came face-to-face with Hannibal. As Hannibal lay bleeding, Will watched on doing nothing as Francis started to film his idol. Will reached for his gun and Francis stabbed him in the side of the face. The two men entered into a knife fight outside the house and Hannibal tried to help Will. Francis knocked him to the ground then picked him up and tried to choke him. Will pulled the knife out of himself and stabbed Francis. Together with Hannibal they stabbed and slashed Francis until he died in front of them. Hannibal helped Will to his feet and told him that ‘this is all I ever wanted for you Will, for both of us’. The two men embraced and Will toppled them off the cliffside into the water below.

And what of Bedelia? She was seen dining alone with her leg as the main course…

Hannibal is available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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