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Strike Back: Legacy episode 8 preview

We preview episode eight.

Philip Winchester as Sgt Michael Stonebridge; Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott

The seventh episode of Strike Back: Legacy moved the action from North Korea to Europe.

If you’re not up to date with Strike Back and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

At the end of Episode 6 Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Finn (Christian Antidormi) escaped North Korea with the help of Section 20. Li-Na (Michelle Yeoh) and Kwon also fled the country.

Episode 7 begins in Vienna, Austria with a group of Russian Mafia. They are discussing their plans when Nadia, an undercover female FSB agent posing as a prostitute, propositions one of the men. She does this as a distraction to steal the phone of their leader, Myshkin.

She attempts to take flight before Myshkin notices but only gets a few seconds head-start. As she flees bullets start flying but she makes it to the stairwell. She is forced to fight her way out but makes it outside and runs off down the street.

Tereza Srbova as Nina

Tereza Srbova as Nina

Once out of sight she begins to clone the phone. At the same time the Russians realise she has escaped so attempt to remotely wipe it. It’s a close call but she gets the clone finished just in time. The Russians think they deleted the data in time but decide to hunt her down and kill her just to be safe.

Nadia then calls Nina (Tereza Srbova) to confirm she has it. She also lets her know the Russians mentioned Kwon, the man Section 20 are searching for to get to Li-Na. They arrange a meeting and Nina tells Scott and Stonebridge to bring Tuxedos.

Turns out the boys scrub up well and head with Nina to the Opera to meet Nadia. She’s waiting inside for them in a private box. She hands over the cloned phone but there is movement in a box opposite. It’s the Russians!

They shoot Nadia through the head while Scott and Nina run. The gunfire starts a panic and the audience begin to evacuate. This gives them some cover to try and escape in the chaos. The Russians try to find them but fail and Locke picks them up outside before the police arrive.

Back at a hotel Nina is upset her friend was killed and pissed that Myshkin survived. She has a drink with Scott and a brief chat before seducing him. Seems he’s got over Richmond as he doesn’t turn her down and they sleep together.

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott; Philip Winchester as Sgt Michael Stonebridge; Tereza Srbova as Nina

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott; Philip Winchester as Sgt Michael Stonebridge; Tereza Srbova as Nina

Meanwhile Locke and Stonebridge analyse the phone and discover that Kwon is meeting a renowned bomber called Oppenheimer. Locke knows him all too well from his past in Northern Ireland. Oppenheimer was responsible for the death of Locke’s son.

The next day Section 20 head to Donauzentrum Square where the meet is taking place. They soon spot Kwon and Scott is keen to take him out as payback for what he did to his son Finn. Locke gets him to stand down so they can identify Oppenheimer.

He’s say at a table and Nina manages to record their conversation. When Kwon leaves Scott follows and Stonebridge confronts Oppenheimer. Locke watches from above and becomes increasingly agitated.

Stonebridge tries to get Oppenheimer to turn himself in but he confidently refuses and claims he has a bomb in the square. Locke realises it’s definitely the man who killed his son and out of character he leaves his post in a rage.

Kwon spots Scott and tries to run but Scott quickly catches up with him. The pair fight and Scott gives him a good kicking before knocking him out.

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott

Oppenheimer arms the bomb and Stonebridge is forced to let him go as he clears the square to save the many civilians present. Locke arrives too late and is furious that Oppenheimer has got away.

Locke gets a telling off from his superior. The boys turn their attention to Kwon and Scott tries to beat the information they need out of him. Kwon is trained to resist and refuses to talk.

They decide to take a different approach and Scott starts to increase the torture worth an inventive form of waterboarding. They stage an argument and let Kwon escape in a car which they are tracking.

They then follow at a distance while Locke provides remote support. Scott is a little too eager and gets a bit close so pulls back at the request of Stonebridge. This makes tracking him harder and Kwon is no fool. He suspects that he is being followed so abandons and torches the car. When the boys catch up he is nowhere to be found.

Kwon reunites with the Russians and they abduct the pregnant wife of a banker and force her to take them to the bank. On the way Kwon takes her phone and calls Li-Na to tell her their plan is ready.

Michelle Yeoh as Lin-Na

Michelle Yeoh as Lin-Na

She’s already at the bank waiting and hasn’t realised that Nina is following her. Nina calls Scott and Stonebridge to tell them she knows where Li-Na is. They rush through traffic as fast as they can to get there as Scott is desperate for revenge.

Li-Na has an appointment with the manager, Kurt Hauser – the husband of the abducted woman. She demands the contents of a particular safety deposit box. He refuses until he sees that Kwon has his wife.

Next a group of armed Russians enter and they all don creepy clown masks. They kill the security guards, take the customers as hostages and takeover the bank before heading to the vault downstairs.

Nina keeps Scott and Stonebridge update on what is happening until she is spotted. One of the clowns removes his mask and it’s Myshkin.

Hauser is forced to grant entry to the vault room and the Russians and Kwon get to work. They are melting holes into the door in order to place explosives.

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott; Philip Winchester as Sgt Michael Stonebridge

Sullivan Stapleton as Sgt Damien Scott; Philip Winchester as Sgt Michael Stonebridge

Meanwhile Scott and Stonebridge arrive, they pretend to be lost and asking for help before fighting their way through the lobby.

Once inside they come up against tougher resistance but the pair make short work of the Russians and are soon on their way down to the vault.

Kwon blows the vault and Li-Na is able to get the contents of the safety deposit box that she came for – it’s some kind of book.

Scott and Stonebridge arrive but are unable to access the vault room. The can see Li-Na inside who taunts them through the glass before Kwon opens a secret exit and they leave.

The official synopsis for Strike Back: Legacy – Episode 8 reads:

[quote]When Section 20 discovers that Li-Na is mounting a nuclear attack on Europe, Locke neglects the mission in order to avenge the murder of his son.[/quote]

The synopsis for Episode 8 confirms that things are about to get worse. It appears Scott and Stonebridge are going to be trying to prevent World War III. They could be on their own as Locke is going to be hellbent on revenge for his son and we hope he gets it.

From the images below it looks like the boys are going to have a run in with the police. We can also see them with a guy who looks like he might be some kind of genius who they maybe have to abduct or protect.

Elsewhere it seems that Locke might not be the only one getting revenge as we can see Nina with Myshkin. Whatever happens it looks like another explosive episode.

Preview Strike Back: Legacy – Episode 8 with our gallery below:

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Let us know your thoughts on Strike Back: Legacy so far in the comments below.

Strike Back: Legacy continues Wednesday July 22nd at 9pm on Sky 1 and the series will air in the US on July 31st on Cinemax.


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