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Emmerdale Spoilers: A drunk Laurel goes too far

Welcome to the weekly look ahead to what’s going down in Emmerdale.  This week Laurel’s drink problem spirals even further out of control.  Read on…

A drunk Laurel goes too far

It seems her near death experience of choking on her own vomit in a booze induced state hasn’t done anything to dampen Laurel’s appetite for the drink.  This week things take an even darker turn for the ex-vicar’s wife.

Laurel starts the week by hitting husband, Marlon, hard across the face when he calls her an alcoholic.  It seems he’s not the only person she’s alienating with Rhona and Paddy worrying about leaving Leo anywhere near her.  Marlon is hopeful when Laurel agrees to see a doctor, who surprises her by saying she needs to go to a detox centre.  Is she ready to hear that yet?

Meanwhile, Harriet and Ashley fear the worst when they realise a bottle of wine is missing and soon Marlon is on the warpath as the three of them are searching for the missing bottle with Laurel watching on.  When Harriet finds the empty bottle, Laurel fears she’s finally blown it, as Marlon walk out.  He returns home with a bottle of vodka and resorts to drastic measures to try and make Laurel face up to her problem.

Later, Laurel is alarmed and Marlon terrified, when he stumbles, unable to see out of his eye that Laurel hit earlier in the week.  Cain takes him to the hospital where he learns he must have urgent surgery.  When Cain brings him home from the hospital they both make a shocking discovery when they find a drunken Laurel in a horrific situation.  This is the final straw for Marlon.

Chas fights for her man, whilst Emma schemes

Chas Dingle, James, Emma & Finn Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

After giving him the cold shoulder for sleeping with Emma, Chas inadvertently bumps into James whilst on a night out with Aaron.  James, along with Emma, is out trying to cheer up Finn after he was dumped by Darren.  When Chas sees Emma looking all cosy, she decides she’s going to go over and say hello to them before hitting the dancefloor, which puts a smile on James’ face.

A sulky Emma, stomps off and accidentally gets shoved outside the bar which gives her the idea to throw her purse away before going back into the bar looking dishevelled and claiming she’s been mugged.  It looks like everyone has fallen for her lies and later James is checking up on her, much to her delight.  However, Emma’s joy is short-lived when she hears that James and Chas are planning a trip to France and she starts to scheme again.

Cat fight alert!  Bernice and Tracy have a ding dong

Tracy & Bernice Blackstock, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Bernice is still unhappy that Jimmy has hired sponger Tracy, to be his PA and offered her a room in their house as part of the package.  She’s even less pleased to see Jimmy enjoying all the fuss Tracy is giving him and when her watch goes missing she is quick to point the finger at Tracy.

It’s not long before the pair are found fighting by Jimmy who has to prise them apart.  He then delivers an ultimatum to the pair.  Bernice is not beaten easily and resorts to bringing in the big guns, via video call – Nicola.  She tells Jimmy in no uncertain terms to get rid of Tracy.

Later, Bernice is smug as Tracy leaves, but shocked to discover the truth about her missing watch.  Then comes the guilt at what she’s done and she fesses up to Jimmy.  Will Tracy get her job and lodgings back?


Bob, Brenda & Carly, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Wendy, I mean Brenda, wears her food as Carly acts out when she thinks she’s losing her tie with Bob.

Dan faces a tough choice about whether to go with Ali and Ameila to live nearer Sean or to stay and earn money to support them all financially from a distance.

Moira is suspicious that Vanessa might be pregnant because of her strange behaviour.

Eric suggests that David and Alicia should consider going to Portugal for a while.



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