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Relentless Software announce The Trace for mobile

Relentless Software have announced The Trace, a crime solving, murder mystery puzzle adventure game. Step into the shoes of Detective Sam Pearce, where you’ll be called on to use your investigative prowess to solve three chapters that tie together the murder and reveal the killer. Scripted by David Varela, writer of Sherlock: The Network, The Trace weaves together an intricate storyline for ‘whodunit’ fans to sink their teeth into, with the game opening instantly onto the first crime scene.

The cause of death appears to be suicide – but somehow, as you cast your eye around, it doesn’t quite add up. Look closer and you’ll find hidden objects and clues concealed in corners which you’ll need to piece together to solve the mystery, with the help of your forensic lab technician partner, Alex.

With several different locations to explore, The Trace will lure you deeper into the intrigue with atmospheric 3D environments that impress with both sight and sound. You’ll become a dab hand in clue-finding with the intuitive game controls which allow you navigate from room to room, zoom in to study 100’s of objects with ease, and scan for hidden evidence to help you with the case.

[quote by=”Andrew Eades, Relentless CEO”]After the success of Murder Files, we wanted to make a game that appealed to our biggest fans who love crime drama. We wanted to make it look great as well as have an intriguing mystery to solve and designed it as a mobile game from the outset. The Trace is a really stylish murder mystery that I hope pleases all our fans.[/quote]

Priced at £3.99, The Trace will be available on iPhone and iPad on March 26th, while Android owners will be able to track it down shortly afterwards.

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